The Look: Dress with Kitten Print

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hello love, how are you?
Many people were sad this week; including me. For that, couldn’t stop talking about the World Cup.
The defeat of the last match against Germany, not even close to the disrespectful words and deeds, which we have seen and heard of many Brazilians against our homeland. Many people denied your identity, and burned the flag of our country as if it were the ground cloth.

Soon we’re so susceptible? We treat the foreigners, and for one more title, we deny our country, judge and crucified our flag, as if it represented just the football.
In other countries such as the United States, that kind of disrespect. This was my outrage and shame greater, seeing the lack of patriotism of Brazilians. Sing the national anthem, and make what you say the letter.

Beloved land
Among other thousand
Art thou, Brazil,
Ó Pátria amada! (…)
Changing the subject, for the first time in my life I was taxed by the IRS. 🙁
Last month I bought 3 dresses that were on sale at Romwe, the total was $44.97 dollars U. I don’t know if it was the value, or the packaging a little more full which influenced. All I know is that I had to pay actual R$65,00 to remove my order in the mail center.
I don’t know if the value was abusive, but I was very upset, because if I hadn’t researched the location with the tracking code, you never would know that my package was in the mail, and I would be there for only 4 days waiting for the withdrawal. I heard that a postal worker should go to my residency with the notification, but that did not happen.
One of the received was that dress with kitten print, super cute and pretty. Spy!

The tissue is pretty cute, with shiny hairs that give the whole call the play, beyond this kitten pattern was a grace, combined with the lap in transparency. I love the fit and the quality of it. I got it at Romwe, and cost me U $14.99 dollars on promotion, the size chosen was P (S).

Dress-Romwe (the dress is not available in the store)


And you like the look? I await your comments! Kisses, bye