The Importance of a Sports Bra

Sport is a vital necessity, releases endorphins, away concerns, relaxes your mind and makes you feel good with you same. But it is not always easy, especially if you have much breast. An inadequate subject, combined with excessive movement, is the main reason why many women complain of irritation and hypersensitivity in the chest after sport. And not only that: exercise without a good sport bra can cause discomfort, distractions and loss of security.

Despite the importance of a sports bra suitable to your sport and needs, 44% of women who practice sport confess having not ever used.

There Are No Muscles in the Breast

Skin and ligaments of Cooper are solely responsible for the subject of breast tissue. Excessive movement of the chest causes an overload on these ligaments and its effect can be irreversible. The fall of the breasts for a relaxation of the ligaments of Cooper does not have any natural solution; nothing can be so to recover its original position.

Breasts Can Get to Throw 14 Cm

According to a study by the University of Portsmouth the movement during sports can do that breasts move from 4 to 14 cm. will depend on its size, it is true, but in any case this movement will be direct cause of a fallen chest.

The fasteners brand Shock Absorber sports are designed by to reduce this movement much as 78%.

Each sport has a few requirements and therefore needs a type of fastening. In the case of the paddle you must take into account the continuous starts and stops and quick movements requiring you to have the security and the comfort of the best possible clamping.

If you have good shoes that protect your ankles and knees and good clothing that facilitates your movements is mandatory to use a fastener that is breathable, dry quickly and be long-lasting.