The Haute Couture of Santiago BandréS

Santiago Bandrés It is one of the Spanish designers working with Haute Couture. It is not easy and in its last Parade done at Madrid last week we could see about their designs, their work, their details… fancy fashion.

Bandres seeks not only a spectacular design, which also, but something more related with art: collaborates with American graphic artists, the world of cinema, photography, with the design of fascinators, even with the perfect world that represents a bride.

Among their details of Haute Couture, noble materials, details of trimmings and embroidery, including the ability to customize each design. Kart, disciple of Lesage, Isabel Alcón jewelry, embroidered shoes jewel of Sara Navarro or serigraphs and handcrafted paintings by Hugo di Perna, form part of this collection.

The collection

For the day, Bandrés presents the Collection Manana-sport, It is inspired in the tissues of the male to adapt to a look of French city or across the ocean. So it has the look of shopping in Paris or New York and trips to the English countryside as sources of inspiration.

For the evening, or a cocktail, Visconti Nights. The color black predominates, but the metallic tones, Brocade, embroidery, stones and feathers… details on each garment.

The woman who dresses by Santiago Bandres by night is a real Diva. Black and white film is an inspiration, but so are the classic ballrooms. There are tafettas combined with tulle embroidered, pleated; dressed in Greek tunics with pectoral aires embroidered by Kart, glass and stones.

The jewel of the parade was the Phoenix jacket, simulating the splendor of a rare bird spreading its wings.

And, like all Haute Couture fashion show, the bride, Russian Aires: inspiration is in Ekatherina Romanoff. A bride for the winter with a simple look, highlights the dress furreau in wool gabardine cold, enhanced with a romantic line Marescot lace blouse. Importantly, the perfect touch: a tiara of embroider Kart.

The backstage

The images of backstage I love them. Always. They seem to me a special window to moments. In this case, how the designer Santiago Bandres last preparations of their models, buckle collars, retouch and looks and looks at his work as if still something to be done.

I look forward to the next parade, especially seeing how is their work closely, its new inspiration.

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