The First Dive

The preparation on

There is who to your first dive opts for a christening, to try, if you not like them or if their fears end up defeating the desire to get to the end.

If this is your case do so but choose the right conditions so that this experience can be perfect as a good place in terms of climatic conditions and points of interest, a time of the year in which you can enjoy warmer temperatures of water, better visibility, more life in the funds and any thing which we’ll see later. Taking all this present will save us to spend cold, which do not allow visibility or lack of light we see anything or give us a frustrating walk by a sandy area without life or any kind of emotion (something I think that it occurs with the baptisms performed in pool). Others, we started directly, to the course because we know in advance that if we start we will not stop.

At the beginning everything is alien and strange. We are already uncomfortable ground: neoprene tightens (you should be able to move but if you have large it is safest to spend cold because water enters your suit in spades and won’t give you time to warm up with the temperature of the body), nerves are present and you get a host of information material, regulations, signals and situations that you have to be careful (a similar feeling to when you’re going to get the) (driver’s license and take a car for the first time). Don’t worry, they will make you a basic presentation of the entire team and how it works, once started the baptism you will indicate your guide at all times when you have to inflate, empty or simply let you take your arm. You should be aware of basic signals such as OK, download, upload, I am not well (and point out the area) and give the measurement of the pressure gauge when you require in addition to being outstanding us to see how it works and what they consume.

Teach us to equip ourselves and to make sure that everything is correct, what is ours and our companion while you think:“surely something I forget…” Huy, expected… I think you have not reviewed that all straps esttight an! Would it be ? e done everything right? “… ” In the case of christenings this step is omitted so you can relax and enjoy the immersion while the guide is waiting for you. You get standing with the team and everything weighs: ballast, bottle… Damn neoprene you still pressing and to top it off you’ll walk like a duck for having put the fins before time. As the Council, if you go by boat instead of a pneumatic boat, put fins on the edge of the boat just before throw yourself, don’t worry, if you can’t you just help you put them on you.

The jump

I want to shoot the water already!

Quiet small na padawan. You sit on the edge of the balon and drop back.

C ? omo on his back? To see if I’m going to strike a blow on the head with the helmet and I’m silly. (The present begin to laugh)

You put the mask (which previously applied saliva to prevent us it clouding), controller and subject them with one hand, and avoid losing them during the jump, close your eyes, drop and notes the dive. From this moment you start to notice the magic: you can see the bubbles to your around while still breathing. Not has gotten you water in the nose or the eyes of salt escuecen you. Is a feeling on completely new. – Everything ok? – Ok!.

You expect your teammates, you deshinchas the jacket and start down the Cape while notes as the water pressure starts to work on the air that you carry in your mask, the little they have left between your suit and your skin and which is located in your ears by compressing all. You breathe through the nose and the mask stops wardrobe you. Not bad. Now lids you nose while loose air through it and notes a small “ploff” in your ears. You’re all compensated and you feel more comfortable (everything is ok, go back to signal to your fellow). You’ve not managed to compensate the ears? Quiet, goes up a little and try again, there is no hurry and remember that you’ve come to enjoy, not to hurt you. Only lack slightly tighten the jacket and start the”flight”…

To get down is not all rose from the outset: you lean on the sand by removing the background, making the croquette while you think you’re going to leave without visibility to the rest of the Group and the words of your instructor “we stand on his knees at the bottom and move as little as possible” echo in your head. After a few moments of struggle we are in the position that we wanted to and give us that maintaining calm and doing things slowly is easier.  All ok? -Ok!. Now comes the good news, fans a little bladders of your vest and then your lungs, it makes you feel that you rise slightly. You deshinchas your lungs and low (this I start to like more and more!). You inspire again and… you begin to advance while you move your legs.  All ok? -Ok!.

When you dive for the first time you are aware of a tiny part of everything around you: are more pending your movements and your instruments, maintain a correct buoyancy; but there comes a time when you realize something… the only thing that disturbs the silence and peace of your environment are you and your breathing. From there you start observing your bubbles rising to the surface, you focus and place your teammates who smile at you while they point out a small Bank of Fingerling blue neon. You approach to controlling your body almost without thinking, like levitating and raisins over a meadow of posidonia. A beautiful and transparent jellyfish wave in front of you while the miras gawking and right, in this moment of observation and full integration with the environment you realize the smallest detail: a long stinging hair threatening to touch you face!. Jerk again and beat hands and fins to get away from danger: you have to keep in mind that you are in a strange environment and there are things that can hurt you. A good option is to go protected with gloves and a hood, so avoid friction with rocks, jellyfish or punctures to inadvertently touch a hedgehog. Then back to start with your bubbles, your breathing and calm your senses…

Once we find this calm is all enjoy and you become the privileged spectator (we look but not touch) a world that few people know about and which is so intense and so extensive that it makes you forget about everything else. You consume less air to lower the heart rate and soften your movements.

You will end up wanting more immersion, wanting to continue watching and continue feeling and above all to be back in this state of peace so total that only there below you can also find… start with your training as a diver autonomous: will be a decision that will change your life.

Then any excuse is good to put in neoprene and immerse yourself in the immensity of the blue, according to sportingology.