The Festival Season Has Opened!

What is more beautiful than sunshine and great music in the open? Last year, I finally dared to go to a festival with my 33 years, because I thought: If not now, when? I opted for the Hurricane in Scheeßel in the defused version, speak with hotel room and shuttle to the festival grounds.

Naturally, I was smiled at and not taken seriously by the Festival-Urgesteinen, the Tagelang and in any weather. This did not detract from my euphoria, and I find that camping is not a necessity to really enjoy a festival. I have to say, who is not afraid of big crowds, I can only recommend taking an excursion to one of the numerous festivals all over Germany, because there is really something for every music fan and for all ages. Look here.

Of course the enthusiasm of a festival visit also rises and falls with the weather. So always remember to follow up the weather report in advance and carefully pack boots and raincoats or alternatively sunglasses and hat or cap. In addition there are a few more things that should not be missing in your luggage. Here are the ten most important:

  • comfortable clothing
  • Three pairs of shoes (light to dance, warmer and firmer in rain and a clean pair for return)
  • Warm sweater or jacket as reserve
  • Thin scarf
  • Belt pocket for cash and mobile phone (prefer to wear tightly on the body)
  • earplugs
  • insect
  • suntan lotion
  • disinfectant spray
  • handkerchiefs

If you want to camp, you will find a more comprehensive list at, which you should take with you.

Depending on the type of festival, the outfit is also different. Nevertheless, we have a few nice highlights in our online shop, which will certainly make you an eye-catcher at the one or the other open-air event. What do you like, for example, from the casual denim shorts in washed out look and cute embroidery on the hem to the light t-shirt with front print and airy Ajour cardigan in trendy turquoise? Or would not the floor-length floral gown with a décolleté and delicate spaghetti straps be something for you? As accessories, we recommend delicate sandals, comfortable espadrilles in gold and colorful bracelets.

Cover art © Anton Gvozdikov