The Costume of Jacket Black of the Queen Letizia

The queen Doña Letizia has again surprised, Nina Ricci has been its sublime choice to attend to the Velázquez Visual Arts Prize. A French firm of refined taste who had not worn Doña Letizia previously. After the success of today probably back to the Queen of Spain with exquisite designs full of the so appreciated French “savoir-faire”.

A black suit It is one of the pieces of wardrobe that every woman should have. But not because it is a traditional classic must be done with a boring and timeless design, we can choose suits with personality and distinctive touches as that today has chosen the Queen Doña Letizia. A two-piece composed of a jacket with peplum silhouette and a few sleeves superimposed on the front and a pencil at the height of the knee skirt. A precious suit that no doubt feel you swimmingly.

Add-ins have also been very successful, a clutch of skin in Ecru color adorned with a large stone toned camela Spanish firm Malababa that would have both worn the Queen a few years ago. For shoes again to choose a room with the same black platform anthracite which has the two parts. Visit Agooddir for more.

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