The Best Street-Style of the Week (IV)

The fourth installment of The best Street-style of the week is represented entirely by the great Scott Schuman. Or Tommy Ton, or Face Hunter or other large cool-hunting dare lately to photograph men, and the truth is that I would like to know the reason. The Sartorialist, on the other hand, maintains its essence, showing that the same style can be found in a man than a woman. Serve the picture that heads this article to prove it.

It is clear that Scott Schuman is a genius of photography, but this week has been too much. I love the spirit that transmits the following London boy with brown skin under basic black wrap coat. Both the high waist of his pants of clamp and his white shirt give timely simplicity to this great look.

Luigi is the name of the next guy. I love your blue jacket Navy and how combines with an internal fur coat. The only thing not term of catalog is below. Are they a pair of jeans or a skirt?

And finally, a simple look that surely many of us have used countless times. I don’t know if it will be Scott Chamber or the hair of the guy, but you have the touch that many do not know how to give something so simple and at the same time as complex as a suit jacket.

I don’t know if you all share my admiration for Scott Schuman. It is a pleasure for me to use their photographs in this section, but hate me to be the only one week after week bet by the masculine urban style. It’s your turn: do you know any other blog or website that defends the male street-style as well as The Sartorialist?