The Best Street-Style of the Week (III)

The Street-style in the world yet it is stained colors and textures winter. It is about to get the dreaded seasonal transition, that where the weather is too cold for shirt and too warm for wool wrap. In the streets of the world hats continue to be used, and I’ve already rescued the water closet. As the sun comes, it will be better that continue to inspire us with the cold as the main protagonist.

I love the style something British from this guy, in which sunglasses take the starring role. You should write a treatise on the use of sunglasses: are valid for closed spaces?

The Street-style of this week has been more artistic than in other occasions. This time he has prevailed the essence of photograph a person above the clothing they wear. Serve this snapshot as an example:

What to do when a look like from the waist up? I love the combination of the lilac of the jersey knit with the brown leather Lollipop, but I do not end up convincing pants. I have thought long included in the best Street-Style of the week, but it has been how much I liked the hairstyle that has motivated me to share it with you.

And finally, although not so brilliant, this look with so much style. Another example that has no age that dress well. Look at the detail of the gloves in the lapel and the handkerchief under the jacket.