The Android Phones Will Be (Slightly) Less Bloatware from Google

It is normal that when we use an operating system for the first time, the developer wants to offer us a good first experience after the first ignition with pre-installed applications. But whether economic agreements or to try to promote their own apps, we are in many cases with an excessive amount of installed software, a bloatware that too often just annoying more than it helps.

In Android, like the majority of mobile operating systems, between Google, own manufacturers of devices and even operators end up making them is to take away a few gigabytes of space with your bloatware. But this trend could be about to change, because as we have in Android Central, Google has decided to take a first step requiring manufacturers installing four applications less.

The why of the pre-installed applications

Android is free, any of us can download the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and start to modify it on our own or with instructions giving the Google help us to create a fully functional version of the operating system. But things change when it comes to putting Google Play, Gmail or any application of the search engine company, because for that We have to follow a set of rules.

The first one is that Google make a few tests of compatibility. But the fat comes next, because a time passed our version It will provide us with a list of applications that we should have pre-installed Yes or Yes, and as we all know Google apps there are precisely two or three.

Google + between them that fall out of the list

But as we said things are changing, and from the list of mandatory preinstalled Google applications four in recent times they have fallen: Google Play games, Google Play Books, Google + and Androidmarket kiosk. These apps will still be available on Google Play, but surely let us find them preinstalled in our next mobile.

We will not enter into polemics on mean that or to what extent the non-inclusion of the Google social network It is further evidence of its 15th death foretold. But the fact that Google starts to inflate less our devices cannot be but good news for everyone, especially for users of some ranges medium and low with mobile with significantly less internal storage.

Even so and much that Google has removed four applications in your list that does not remove that manufacturers or operators who sell them continue installing apps as if there were a tomorrow. We fear that we will have to continue rooting our phones to clean some unnecessary applications.