Teenager Backpacks: Meet Models

The school bags for children constitute one of the most important items of the list of materials needed to start the school year. Children themselves make it a point to choose your favorite template, with the favorite theme and there is a wide variety of options, such as Spider-man, sleeping beauty, Strawberry Shortcake, SpongeBob and many others. 
For the little ones who are starting your school life the ideal are the smaller and lighter backpack with wheels, easier to carry and simple for the kids to move from one side to the other at school.
The biggest ever tend to dispense with the wheels and need backpacks more resistant, because over the years the material and increases in most schools there is no specific Cabinet to store the m material, need to be taken every day to school.
Check some models available in the market for some age groups.

Medium trolley backpack Jolie Ballet Dream-Pacific
The Backpack on wheels by manufacturer Pacific is ideal for your daughter to search themes well time to load your female school supplies.
The backpack is themed Ballerina and account on your front panel with an organza curtain attached to two tapes, which gives a special touch of delicacy to the product.Provides an excellent organization of school supplies. Features the logo in gold metal and lace embellishments on the edges and still a double loop. Has handles of flowers which gives plenty of style and femininity.

Dermiwil Cart bag Big Cars Track
The backpack Cars Track has the papers and is ideal for boys who love the theme. Are practical and easy to carry with its sliding wheels. Made in oxford and mesh are very strong and resistant.
Has 3 external pockets and zipper closure. Has wheels and stand for easy transport inside and outside of school.

Backyardigans Blue Cart bag-Diplomat
The schools backpack Backyardigans Blue has the form of a bauzinho in rectangular shape, with some details in 3D, which makes it even more beautiful. Its closure is in zipper and has a stand coupled with training wheels.
Has 3 wheels on each side to help in the time of having to climb stairs or on sidewalks.Very practical and unlike common models seen in stores.
Is made of EVA and polyester, resists the biggest short shenanigans. Ideal for any time it is necessary to take some material.

Mochilete P 13Y02 Black and purple Monster High Sestini
By spending a few hours at school kids need good and quality materials.The Mochilete P 13Y02 Black and purple Monster High is ideal for children keep the school supplies and security organization and still parade with a backpack full of style.
Made of durable material, have close zipper and internal dividers that organize the items to be stored.
Has training wheels right practices to be transported easily.