Tag to Work in the World of Finance

We have many readers in the the banking sector, and many other readers who dressed impeccably when they leave in the morning from House. So this post is dedicated to them. Has drawn me much attention the list of details that the bankers of UBS trienen meet to succeed.

Are luxury details and I am convinced that at some point all we have set. But you’re thinking if you are dressed properly, we are going to see the list of tips in the world of finance.

  • Jackets, closed and with perfect shoulders. Key the same sizing.
  • The buttons they must be closed, except when we are seated. Except permission from a superior, although it does heat, always put jacket.
  • Pockets, best without saving anything, look perfect and without forms.
  • Sunglasses: of the Sun, never on the head. The view, the more discrete better.
  • Perfume: Yes, USB manual advises to use it to get out of the shower. Discreet, which do not smell more than one arm’s distance.
  • Watches: It is the only jewel that is allowed. Indicated punctuality and reliability.
  • Hydration: how much more I read the report more I think something basic. The skin is our image, so they advise a moisturizing for best appearance.
  • Shoes: maximum attention to this point. A disregard of cleaning or wear and will ruin the entire image.
  • Neckties: the tip should never exceed the waist.
  • Shirts: always impeccable. They advise the tintoria perfect finish.
  • Underwear: never have to see.

Is there really anyone that does not consider this as basic list? I’m going to ask the colleagues from El Blog Salmón or Mensencia.