Swiss Alp Watch by H. Moser

With the new Swiss Alp Watch limited to just 50 pieces, Swiss traditional manufacturer H. Moser & Cie. A counter-draft to the Apple Smartwatch landed – in the unexpected sense.The clock is similar to the Apple product but unlike this or the TAG Heuer Connected, it works 100% mechanically. Although there are hardly any mechanical additional features in the baggage, the purism of a mechanical three-man watch is followed by the electromagnetic smartphone trend ad absurdum – a page hit against the kings of media-oriented staging.

Apple Design Loan With Analog Time Display

Unlike the Apple watch, the time of the Swiss Alp Watch is not displayed digitally but with the help of analogue pointers and is therefore probably a mechanical response to the premium version of the Apple Smartwatch. Both have an 18-carat case and do not cost too much – at least less than you would guess. While the most expensive Apple watch with EUR 18,000, – is listed, the Swiss Alp Watch costs EUR 23.190, -. On the outside, the Apple Watch Bonds are unmistakable: the case design almost corresponds to the Apple design, but the clock is 2 mm longer in its dimensions (44 by 38 mm) and wider than the larger of the two Apple- Watch variants. The stunning Fumé dial, which runs in gray shades, is a trademark of H. Moser & Cie. At the same time, the inward brightening finish brings a nostalgia to the point which is a timeless answer to a modern lifestyle product. If the brand H. Moser & Cie.This special color scheme is reminiscent of the 1960s specimatic of the Glashütter watchmakers, today Glashütte Original, and the current Sixties iconic collection by the German premium manufacturer.

Anti-Functionalism As A Statement

Of course, the Swiss Alp Watch does not have all the additional features of an Apple watch.The steps still have to be counted. In order to measure the resting pulse, you must still put your hand on the throat plate (and can use an additional mechanical clock with a pulseometer scale). After all, there is an additional function: The Swiss Alp Watch also has a display of the remaining running time within a charging cycle-even if the energy is not fed to the end of the charging cycle, but manually. Of course, we do not need to make serious comparisons with regard to functionalism. The Swiss Alp Watch convinced a restricted with the purism on the time display , handmade clock. While it is difficult to imagine what happens with most of the sold Apple watches, as soon as the technology used is no longer state of the art, the Swiss interpretation of a high-end watch will last generations.

Just Marketing Coup Or Competition For Apple?

As impressive as the publication of the Swiss Alp Watch is, it is at the same time more than a mere marketing gag. It is therefore unambiguous to understand that as an independent watchmaker, no smartphone concessions are planned and certainly speaks in the name of other small watchmakers. At the same time, the watch can be a real alternative to the gold version of the Apple Watch from the perspective of all those who like the Apple design.Compared to this, H. Moser & Cie. With the Swiss Alp Watch, which was completely made in-house, clearly more money for our money. It is also possible that the more expensive quasi-replica is ultimately the clock with the more positive value development.