Summer Dress In December

Two geese, a roast pork, countless dumplings, kiloweise red cabbage, various pork sausages later… the Christmas festival 2015 passed as fast as it came. 

Of course, I would not now give the impression that I would reduce Jesus’ birthday to a pure Fr… ähhhh food-but it is already the madness, which in this short time everything is crushed. But how can you resist this whole treat? And next to the highly holy birthdays, we also celebrate the birthday of my son on Christmas Day. The latter is “deko-technically” always a challenge but frankly, the dwarfs are interested in the zero-I’ll do it anyway just for me and I always like it at the end…

Christmas Decoration And The Power

I am very sadly in love with my little table holder in the form of Christmas tree balls, which I have discovered somewhere and bought 12 pieces at the same time. Actually far too few-after all, one can never have enough of such name card holders (meaning the?). I wonder anyway, that they are still complete… because just such tiny fragments fall suddenly like the sudden sacrifice of the gravity. So my husband has decimated by half during the holidays, my lovingly decorated Christmas decorations on the stove. If it could also say that she does not like him….

Summer Dress In December

But in short, our party was really great-we had a lot of good conversations next to the whole food and it was just wonderful to spend so much time together. In addition, the Christkind has listened to my wish and brought me new cuddly toys… Well, the current temperatures do not really need lambskin shoes-but the winter is still, quite sure and then I am prepared-hehe. You can certainly go to the crowdfundingprojekt of neyo . remember. The sweater arrived shortly before Christmas and was my gift to myself and he likes me totally. But the fine piece is attracted another time.Today I show my outfit from the 2. Christmas day. A summer dress, which goes with blouse and sweater also outstanding in December… and because the waist sits higher up, I can also excellently eat more…. So you love-I am really happy about today’s Sunday, which I will definitely spend in my sleep and think about what we will eat on New Year’s Eve. I wish you a cuddly and relaxed Sunday dear all.

Dress : H & M-a really chique dress, which is actually too much pity for underwear, I’ve found from PSYKNOWHOW.COM also great, just a bit short, but it has long sleeves from Zetterberg * . 
Blouse: Only – a very cool karobluse with sleet I have found from Disquared*. They are only available in size 38. 
Jumper: Tom Tailer-simple V-neck knit sweaters have just not season… I have not found one that I like. 
Shoes: Frye-a pair of brown boots are timeless in my eyes and therefore you can invest in good quality. From  love child I have found a pair of Boots*, which look simply great. But it goes naturally also cheaper and vegan * 
Pocket: DIY from the pocket fairy ♥, which you now also find at Instagram 
Clock: Oozoo-I am not tired to hold you my watches under the nose-but there are really nice models of Oozoo *. 
Bracelet: Stella & Dot-in the shop of Claudia Steinlein♥just got up to 60% discount