Styling Tip: To Wear Stripes Without Wide

This Rumor Keeps Eternal Years: Stripes Make You Fat!

Is that true?

I mean: it depends.

  1. on the width of the stripes
  2. on the arrangement of the stripes


Stripes are very wide and the eye slide very slowly it back and forth.So it creates a wider look.

How come? Our eye looks liked a horizon. This calms down and we linger there.

That’s why you should wear stripes only on the body where there is the eye of the beholder want to leave.Anywhere else!

Narrow Strips

The narrower the harder it is the Strip, for the eye to focus, on a line so it glides rather up and down instead of left to right. So Strip workmore like vertical stripes and stretch.

Another point is the length of the garment. The longer the more likely creates a vertical line.

So Most Wear Strips With Long Pieces Of Clothing.

This long shirt with collar for example interrupts the strips at the top through the use of black and the long shawl collar so that the eye glides up and down. This effect is reinforced by the length.

More Examples

Narrow strips do wide at all, only right not when they are distributed as in this dress on a beautiful length.

When this shirt with stripes

Note how your eye faster glides through the narrow strip at the top across and then gets stuck at the bottom on the wide strip of Samoon.

This shirt would be ideal for women who want to conceal a strong bust size, but have a small waist and narrow hips (V shaped).

All examples are taken from the online shop of navabi

If You Love Strip, Here Are A Few Tips:

wearing an open jacket over a striped shirt or dress, limited the width

Select mode, which uses only partially Strip (at the bottom of the hem on the sleeves on the neckline)

Stripes are always somehow fresh and youthful. Therefore we curvy women should avoid not quite on it but they skillfully use!