Streetstyler of the Week: Constance Victory Style

Last week I started the Streetstyler section of the week in which I’ll be selecting some of my favorite streetstylers to discuss your street style. In the first installment, Rachel – Marie I. was the protagonist from Chicago. In the second we take a plane and we’re going to London to see to Constance Victoria It has very good advice to wear.

Constance Victoria is a young girl of 23 years who lives in London and is photographer according to the description of their lookbook. In terms of style, it is less modern than Rachel – Marie I., prefer more casual look for every day even if we could include it within styles of celebrtiries such as Alexa Chung. Are looks more wearable.

Constance Victoria has a passion for flowers

Both floral print These last few seasons passes bill, at this rate, some wardrobes are going to seem as much flower inside greenhouses. The streetstylers are not less and carry those dresses in their looks. For the autumn-winter touch opt for muted colors and wallpaper in black.

I prefer the former option with green and red, essential in today, but no eta bad this black and white minidress with huge flowers. Lace it seems for what the whole is even more interesting.

That Yes, with the floral Blazers must be very careful, that we went from modern and then some are a little wrong, by many white Camisole that let’s with stockings.

Constance Victoria knows to look winter pattern

During this Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 the pattern of fashion has been the Winter, own Christmas, these shirts that we our grandmothers, made only in gray and black colors with white as a dance partner. This look with maxi cardigan and short dress is perfect.

We can also choose a set that do not abuse both this stamping. We can choose to wear it in supplements, as this wool hat, or sweaters in a more discreet way.

Even so, already spring arrives and tap Save this pattern.

The naif from Constance Victoria looks

Someone who remember a little Alexa Chung must have its respective look naive, If not you can not compare to it. With a dress of tiny polka dots and white collar (the classic), Constance joins this classy style.

Then leave other more modern sets to incorporate the leather vest on a successful dress pattern, very typical of this time.

Either in black and white, with the misguided Pocket jeans shorts to the air. Please someone stop this trend,.

The casual looks of Constance Victoria

Although at the end where we see better to Constance Victoria is in the casual looks, the more wearable by anyone and style. With this blazer black classic is perfect. Slumping, very clear, jeans with zippers and a romantic blouse underneath. The hat fits Deluxe.

Repeated Hat but this time in a more typical of winter combination. Leather jacket with lamb, fashionable, in black, with a romantic blouse and white shorts flecked with black stockings.

And third and final look with this hat that looks so good. This time a black dress It is the main piece of the whole, which does not seek to have nothing special. Very wearable and easy.

Their fashion brands header are: H & M, Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfiters, Emma Cook.

Next week a new installment of streetstylers.