Step by Step Crystal Earrings and Vintage Base

Step by step crystal earrings and vintage base: If you want to do some light spinning rims, cute, with a certain glow and vintage style, here is the model and the step by step!]

Step by Step Crystal Earrings and Vintage Base


–0, 4 mm crystals;

-0, 5 mm crystals in a different tone;

-Copper Wire gauge 26 or 28;

-Vintage earring chapadinho Base and with a shoulder strap to hang your work;

-Cutting pliers, flat and round tip;

Vintage earring step-by-step:

-Cut a piece of+or–10 cm of wire. Fold it in half and start fitting the crystals this way:

-The first led 4 plug-in crystals. Now, you’ll dock 3:00 pm 3 crystals according to insurancejust. Pay attention on the larger Crystal and different color being positioned in the same place. Continue this process until a total of 9 different tone crystals fittings;

-Pass one side of the wire inside the first Crystal to connect the first and the last;

-Finalize fitting the tenth crystal of a different tone;

-Connect the two sides of the wire and wrap them in this way:

-Then, take your tips already curled up, and pass by in a shoulder strap of your vintage basis. Then come back with the wire and wrap it around himself. Use your pliers to round tip to help keep the “looping” during this process;

-Cut the excess wire and ready!

Note: A cool idea is to hold a crystal drop right in the middle of the earring. This drop should be less than the diameter of the area.

I hope you enjoy this sparkle and shine that is very easy to make and is very cute!