Spring-Summer Trends: Military Style Is Renewed in the Street

If someone was dead to the military style you go backtracking that it is a trend that is very fashionable and for the next Spring-summer 2011 gonna follow leaving us styles very wearable for every day that are the best of this trend: are at the same time sophisticated as informal. Work or party? Choice is yours.

The famous they have been announcing this change for long and the streetstylers follow closely renewing them a trend that is focused from some brands to a style closer to the boy-scout, even to most mountain ideas who want to merge. Olivia Palermo not to be missed is one so that here shows us the way to wear it.

The celebrities wear the military trend

The military green It is key, as it is logical to speak of a trend that is based on this. We can wear it in many ways. First, we have seen an almost total look by Olivia Palermo and now we see how Kirsten Dunst reserves it for his jacket.

For his part, Keira Knightley, always at the last in a matter of the most modern and informal fashion, opt for a long coat 100% style, straight, in a green roasted and combined with black. The mix is the key.

But we not only have to be limited to the green in their different shades, also can opt for the Brown, less clear. Rachel Bilson chooses a good coat so that combines in an informal way with a pair of worn jeans.

The military style in the stretstylers

Following the choice of Rachel Bilson, the streetstylers opt for closed coats and in Brown with a row of silver buttons and a neck that is typical of the style. The combination with the pink of fashion is by tastes. It is a way to break and play with something new.

In other street looks usual military jacket is not abandoned and is combined with the printed dresses well I could see in some stores low cost during the next few months. Background black and bright colors. Thigh high boots in black with accessories game.

Another option is to incorporate the hairs vests all with the usual short dresses and black leggings.

Which it is clear that you can not miss are some generous boots, whether in black, Brown or green military. Cords or without them the taste of the consumer.

A short skirt combined with a look in black green also fails.

But if the trend going more in Navy Blue can opt for the double breasted jackets with double white stripe.

Both with tight jeans and boots, and with a look of two pieces composed by t-shirt and skirt, we have the style in mind. Click Recipesinthebox.com for more.