Spring Breaks: Meet London in 2 Days

London. The city. So, without more. We could live in it ten years and I am sure that something to know would be us. So, in Two days, There is no choice but to stick to the essential, and, above all, reconfiguring our particular London, our favorite version of the city, to devote all of our time in the next visit. Because, to London, friends, always must be.

Five essential visits:

  • Westminster Abbey: the historic building par excellence of the city. Where is Crown Kings and where lie buried all the famous people of the Kingdom. Although it is not cheap)20 pounds), is worth the input with audio guide. Book a good time for get to know every corner of the Abbey.
  • Tower of London and Tower Bridge: the Tower Bridge It is the first image that comes to mind when we think of in London. For a short break, we do not recommend visiting it in depth, but the Photo of rigor You can not miss. Yes the visit is highly recommended to the Tower of London, with all its historical background, While it is true that will take us one much of the time available.
  • London Eye: that you do not scare the queues, because they circulate with astonishing speed. And, once inside the cabin of the the world most famous Ferris wheel, everything will be worth. Day, in one clear day, or at night, with the city lights at our feet, the views that we will be in the retina will be unforgettable.
  • Trafalgar Square: the emotional Center the city, with the Nelson column, the famous Lions and, of course, the National Gallery, a Museum in which getting lost for hours.
  • Covent Garden: one of the most beautiful areas and most charming of the city. The Bohemian environment of your market It is the ideal place to give us a respite from the city.

The perfect Street for shopping: In the triangle Oxford, Bond y Regent Street, We can find any brand that you are looking for. Regent It is our favorite, especially if it includes an escape to the nearby Carnaby Street -probably, the most beautiful street all London – and a ride that lead to the mythical Piccadilly Circus.

Don’t leave without trying: London has a culinary notoriety that I do not know if it is too much deserved. We remain with the jacket potatoes any good Street post and, no doubt, with the Best Indian food that can be found to the West of Calcutta.

The best of the best you can see on homethodology: The national museums London are all free, and there are four large, where one or another visit, we need to know: British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern y Museum of Natural history. Get lost in any of them is, without doubt, a cultural overdose I will not forget.

And if you have time: Take a boat on the Thames up to Greenwich and visit the Meridian (mandatory photo with one foot on each side of it) is a great choice if we spare a few hours in London. Or visit the best markets, as Portobello, Camden o Brick Lane. Or eight places known in London free. Or… think about when booking the next visit.