Spain vs Netherlands Football History

The national teams of Spain and the Netherlands are well matched: twelve meetings with the five Spanish victories, six times earnings for Orange and a tie. But when it really handles, usually wins Spain, witness the World Cup final in 2010, silver Olympic final in 1920, but also Spain’s qualifying matches for Euro 1984 won sipping on goal difference thanks to a -still always suspect- 12-1 in Malta.

Final Rounds of a World Cup

Spain and the Netherlands met twice in the last tournament. The first time was during the World Cup final in 2010, which Spain won the overtime thanks to a goal from Andres Iniesta. The second time was four years later, in the group round of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Thanks to a 1-5 victory for the Orange Spain on early home. Goal difference is 5-2 in favor of the Netherlands.
Final World Cup 2010 Netherlands 0-0 Spain
Johannesburg, 11 Jul 2010
Spain took immediately after the kick-off control of the ball and the game would take place soon in Orange half.The Netherlands had originally been no breach needed to keep pressure on the Spaniards. After 10 minutes saw Robin van Persie, Mark van Bommel and Nigel de Jong in a yellow card. Especially the latter was lucky not to complain after his “Karate” on the chest of Xabi Alonso that he could not immediately inrukken. Orange finally knew the Spanish building more dislocation. The first half ended as it had begun: 0-0.
In the second half Spain increased pressure. Pedro was replaced by Jesus Navas, a real right winger players, and so had playmaker Xavi Hernández more space in midfield. “La Roja” has now given more and better opportunities, but still did not score. On the other hand, at the end of regular time Arjen Robben in counter two dabs of chances.Wesley Sneijder knew him perfectly free to put the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas. They also had to use his big toe to keep the ball out of the goal. The scoreboard remained so untouched. An extension was necessary.
At the same time all defensive minded players at Orange on yellow bag. With the increasing pressure of the Spaniards was shown a second yellow card in the air. Cesc Fabregas had fallen for Xavi, what Spanish society was simply offensive. The Netherlands could only hope to get at least another penalty shoot-pull, though it is certainly no guarantee of a good result. However, it was not. Four minutes before the end of the extension, Andrés Iniesta, who found a hole in the Dutch defense and so did the goal that was worth a World Cup for Spain.
Goals: 0-1 Iniesta
Group Round World Cup 2014: Spain-Netherlands 1:05 a.m.??
Salvador , June 13, 2014
Despite the possession of Spain was the first major opportunity for Orange. After losing possession of Jordi Alba sent Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder depth. However, it was goalkeeper Iker Casillas on the road. The reply from Spain were some shots from the second row, most of which came from defensive errors. Then the judge helped the Spaniards a hand. The naturalized Brazilian Diego Costa skilfully fixed his foot behind the leg of Stefan de Vrij, with a penalty as a result. Xabi Alonso knew what to do with this gift: 1-0. Not long after David Silva after a through ball from Andres Iniesta free to the goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen. Who knew a curve ball just to go with your fingertips.On the other hand, went a little later in the ball there. With a superb diving header Robin van Persie a long pass from Daley Blind on the Spanish goalkeeper: 1-1. It was the halftime score.
After eight minutes into the second half, the Dutch team scored again. And again it was a pass from the Blind, which gave rise to it. This time it was Arjen Robben, who ended. Probably in that moment missed opportunities in the final in 2010 took place in his head. Confidence grew visibly Netherlands while Spain just looked at each other bags. Van Persie fired the first hard pruning from a corner in the bar not long after Casillas misjudged a corner, allowing Stefan de Vrij 3-1 could go inside. Eight minutes later it was again price: Van Persie took advantage of a blunder by Casillas mercilessly. And still the powder was not on. The final 5-1 came from the foot again Robben, who joked throughout the Spanish defense. And it may be much worse for Spain, Casillas not a few times managed to save. So took the Orange in Brazil four years later in a magnificent way of revenge for the lost World Cup final in South Africa.
Goals: 1-0 Alonso; 1-1 Van Persie; Robben 1-2; 1-3 free; 1-4 Van Persie; 1-5 Robben


Spain and the Netherlands are each other at the Olympic Games only once: in 1920 in Antwerp.
Silver consolation finals Olympics 1920: Netherlands 1-3 Spain
Antwerp, September 5, 1920
Orange was stranded in the semifinals against the later Olympic champion Belgium. Spain had already been eliminated in the quarterfinals, also of Belgium. Since there was a separate tournament scheduled to decide the winner of the silver medal Spain had to go through three rounds, the last of which would be a walkover because the Czechs were disqualified. The country had run out of protest against the referee after 43 minutes of the final against Belgium. Netherlands flowed into the third and final round, but the game was free because it is the opponent of Belgium in the first round to play. Belgium was to round, however, was free. The second option, a match against France also fell through because of the French refused to come out of this separate tournament.Eventually Spain and Orange played the final for the silver and bronze. Spain won the free silhouetted at 1-3.Remarkably, the Netherlands is the only country a target for the legendary Papiss of Athletic Bilbao Rafael Moreno Aranzadi or “Pichichi” cashed because it was his first and only goal of the Spanish team.
Goals: 0-1 Sesúmaga; 0-2 Sesúmaga; 0-3 Pichichi; 1-3 Groos Johan

Qualifying Matches

Netherlands and Spain only played two qualifying matches for Euro 1984. Spain managed to qualify for it on goal difference thanks to the offending 12-1 victory over Malta on the last day, as an advantage of 11 goals for the Netherlands was not made. Each country won a contest. Goal difference is 2-2.
Euro 1984 Qualifiers: Spain-Netherlands 1-0
Seville, February 16, 1983
Target: Señor 1-0
Euro 1984 Qualifiers: Netherlands 2-1 Spain
Rotterdam, November 16, 1983
Target: 1-0 Houtman; 1-1 Santillana; 2-1 Gullit


In friendly matches were the Netherlands and Spain seven times against each other. Twice drug “La Roja” the longest straw, orange four times and there was a tie. Goals: 11-9 in favor of Spain.
Spain-Netherlands 5-1
Madrid, January 30, 1957
Target: 1-0 Garay; Di Stefano 2-0; 3-0 Kubala; Di Stefano 4-0; 4-1 Bosselaar; 5-1 Di Stefano
Netherlands-Spain 3-2
Amsterdam, May 2, 1973
Target: 1-0 Rope; Valdez 1-1; 2-1 Reina; Valdez 2-2; 3-2 Cruijff
Spain-Netherlands 1-0
Vigo, January 23, 1980
Target: 1-0 Dani
Spain-Netherlands 1-1
Barcelona, ​​21 January 1987
Objectives: 0-1 Gullit; 1-1 Calderé
Spain-Netherlands 1-2
Seville, November 15, 2000
Target: 1-0 Hierro; Hasselbaink 1-1; 1-2 Frank de Boer
Netherlands-Spain 1-0
Rotterdam, March 27, 2002
Target: 1-0 Frank de Boer
Netherlands-Spain 2-0
Amsterdam, March 31, 2015
Target: 1-0 free; 2-0 Klaassen
total there were twelve meetings between Spain and the Netherlands, six of whom won five and lost one draw.Goal difference is 18-17 in favor of the Dutch.