Sony Xperia Z5: Camera Tips For Better Photos

The Sony Xperia Z5 contains a camera, the pictures with a resolution of up to 23 MP allows. But Megapixels is not everything when it comes to good photos. Usually it comes less on the technology of the camera, but on those who served them.

So you effectively uses the camera of Xperia Z5, it is worth to pay attention to a few basic things and to get to know some special functions. This once additional gain quality your recordings with this Smartphone.

Subject Placement In The Picture

Smartphone cameras are equipped mostly with wide-angle lenses, so they are rather suitable for panorama, portrait or close shots. Although even the Xperia Z5 of a zoom function has, but this is – realized as at most other smart phones – simply through a reduction in the resolution. If you want to take pictures without loss of quality with the Xperia Z5, strong zoom – save, for example, if you want to scan a cat on the roof or a flock of birds in the air.

Sony Xperia Z5 Camera Tips For Better Photos

Observed also when shooting always the so-called golden section: many hobby photographers tend to place motifs centered in the image. But photos emerge in which the main subject in the first or last third, are usually more interesting. Therefore, you should share the picture lengthwise and crosswise into three equal parts in mind. The object of your choice should be always on one of the points of intersection from imaginary lines.

Avoid Verwackler

The Xperia Z5 has been a very sensitive sensor with bright optics and can compensate for this reason in almost any situation well shake when photographing. However, especially in dim light conditions that is not enough. Even so steady hands brings here not much – blurred images are the result.

Images at twilight still succeed, you can you lean against a wall or using a solid surface, where you make the Smartphone for the recording. A tripod is best for such situations however.

Settings In The Camera App

In the camera app of the Xperia Z5, you will find various options which you can set properties during shooting for your pictures in the settings menu. In most cases, the setting of “Superior automatic”, which automatically sets the optimum recording options depending on the lighting and colours meet however.

If you want to win more control over your photo function, it is possible to make additional settings in the camera app on the menu item “Manual”. There you can regulate, for example, exposure times, the ISO Lichtempfindlichkeiten and the color balance in every shot. You can make also a manual white balance settings.

In the menu of the camera app, you can set also the settings for front-facing camera. For example, it is possible to activate a “smile”automatic. The camera take photos of a Selfie of you then as soon as there is a smile on your face. You can let the soft skin effect also appear soft and smooth your skin on the screen.


  • Placed subjects in the image according to the rules of the golden ratio
  • As rarely used the zoom function of the camera
  • Uses a solid surface or a tripod, no shaky images
  • The “Superior automatic” setting is sufficient in most cases for optimal images
  • Advanced options such as exposure, sensitivity and white balance can be found under the menu item “Manually”
  • In the camera app you will find settings for the front camera to produce optimal Selfies