Smartwatch: First Impressions

Connected to the smartphone, the smart clock allows you to view messages, download applications, and make calls without using your phone. PROTEST, then, conducted a survey of 150 users to evaluate the usability of this recently launched handset.

Also called smartwatchsmart watches let you view notifications coming to your smartphone, download applications, and answer calls without messing with your mobile device.Despite the numerous promises of advertising, smart watches have a long way to go to satisfy users.The good news is that the brands are focused on the evolution of this technology.

Almost half of the survey participants (46%) won the smartwatch as a gift.Among those who decided to buy a copy, the motivation for more than a third of the participants was curiosity, followed by the attraction for new technologies. For the advantages that smart watches present the investment is still very high.

The smart watch is not a stand-alone device. Most functions depend on bluetooth access  to your smartphone. Viewing the time and checking messages or email are the most common tasks. According to research data, the minority of users uses the device to take pictures, record videos or as GPS. Still, more than a third consult social networks through the smart clock according to PICKTRUE.

The smartwatch brands are focused on the evolution of this new technology.

Research participants reported that they are much more satisfied with the classic wrist watch, both in accuracy and in use.For the user, what makes the difference in a smart watch is its functionality, usability and applications.

One in four respondents has the lack of battery life as the primary critic.But the flaws in bluetooth access are also indicated by 21% of survey participants.A fifth of users complain about the malfunction of the applications and the poor use of the physical buttons.

Battery life is a major drawback, as smart watches are more of a device to carry everywhere, other than the smartphone and the tablet.

Top Problems of Smart Watches
Drums 25%
Bluetooth 22%
Applications 20%
Buttons 20%
TouchScreen 16%
Operatingsystem 15%
Built-inmicrophone 15%
Speakersintegrated 15%
Screenillumination 11%

Check for what smart watch was recommended by the consumers heard with touch screen.

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