Smartphones Are Popular with More and More Older Users

The Smartphones have extended their sphere long to older generations. More and more older people 50 years and older up use the devices, which has identified a statistics of BITKOM.

So far, the smart technique about could turn into customers 40 percent of Germans from the age of 14 years, last year there were only one-third. This emerges from a recent survey of the BITKOM industry association. Especially in the Group of 50-to 64-year-old users, the proportion had increased considerably: proud 39 percent when compared with the 26 percent the year before.

Smartphone benefits contribute to the transition

What is however not clear from the study, is the reason of the transition on a Smartphone. Today’s technology offers a number of advantages with its new functions compared with traditional mobile phones. The extent of its actual use is however uncertain. May be the described trend is no effect a completely free choice, but rather a question of alternatives before ever declining offers of various mobile phone provider. There are less and less in the tariff offers classic mobile phones.

If the oldest target group of senior citizens, which means the participants from 65 years, only seven percent of the current trend to participate, so it could be also because that these users have little interest in current technology. The statistics of the BITKOM also reveals that 13 percent of German consumers aged 14 and above have a phone, nor a Smartphone. The over 65 are the largest group here. Only 60 per cent of all seniors have a wireless-enabled device.

EITO market researchers estimate the sales of smartphones in Germany on 28 million copies – alone in the year 2013. This corresponds to an increase to almost one third compared to 2012 now smartphones make 81 percent of all cell phone sales.