Small and Well Restroom Toilets and Bathrooms

I made a selection for you from 10 toilets and toilets that we will analyze in detail, okay?

Light wood and gray are light and harmonious together. Liked the differential (and economic) narrow mirror. Look at the following interesting details for bathrooms and small basins: Simplicity, especially in coatings (on the wall I believe this is a texture…I could not find information), the light colors, the hanging furniture, the fact that there are no handles and Areas from the closet to the toilet paper and a towel.

I liked this toilet, with wallpaper (it is better that it is vinyl and the baseboard is high, so that you can wash the floor without problems) with a black background but with a lot of white, which is repeated in the hydraulic apparatus, in the painting Of the part of the wall without paper, and in the bench, in marble. This allows the toilet to remain clear despite the presence of black on the wallpaper. The bench is narrow on the sides of the sink, which saves space.

A small bathroom, using white in greater quantity, which, even with the strong colors of details in the tiles and cabinet, adds brightness to the environment. The transparent box also helps a lot in this. Note that the cabinet also has no handles (great for small environments).

A toilet full of character, with this lovely wallpaper and the countertop (in Silestone, probably).See that side faucet allows the sink to occupy the least space in the sink that is still narrower than it is…All to get space and maintain functionality.

Another detail of a bathroom that in black and white, maintains the clarity with only the box area in black tablets. The marble countertop has a set sink, the pediment also has the same material and the faucet and controls are on the wall, reducing the area required for the worktop. The cabinet has no handles and allows, in a very elegant way, the siphon in sight. Ideally, this cabinet should be loose, moveable.

The picture is not of good quality, but this mirror with backlight is one thing! Even more with the burnt cement coating on the wall and the wooden bench (which gives a much needed “warm” to the environment.

Another bathroom with cabinet with clean design, simple and without handles. The golden inserts give the environment a lot of class and realize the good use of space with the glass shelves that do not visually weigh. The box also has transparent glass, which lets out the light coming from the window.

A small bathroom can often have a bathtub (small, of course!) The linings of this bathroom make the difference: The dark color of the wall gives depth and the countertop, sink and side positioning of the faucet have been measured millimetrically to occupy the Smaller space. The mirror is narrow horizontally, which increases the feeling of space, but still allowing good use.

One trend, ceramic-toothed countertops are beautiful to look at, economical compared to other materials and require careful maintenance and cleaning. See that in the transparent box, the front wall and the niches are also covered by them, which makes a very nice set to see and that does not weigh much in the visual.

A toilet in a vintage style, medium industrial, simple and with classic colors. See that the ‘cabinet’ is a leaked and open metal structure with baskets at the bottom. Quite different, but almost classic. Very interesting.