Skirts Fit and Flare

The last several posts here on the blog is about skirts. We’ve been around the length, size, fabric, body type and design of the skirts. But we have yet not been about the fit, which is what many bøvler with.

In our optics are a good fit in the clothes very much a combination of all the elements we have previously read on The good fit is achieved when the size, material and design goes up in a larger unit, and fit to the body and the personality to wear the clothes.

When one sews her own clothes, so you can achieve the good fit, because you can screw on all these buttons. We are not dependent on someone else’s design, and one should not fit in a standard size. You may feel a little limited in fabric choices, but in General, there has been much greater choice in fabrics, than there is in finished clothes in stores. Especially if you dare venture out in online shopping (hint: most online fabric stores send like fabric samples, but you might need to even ask about it in an email or by calling the shop).

And when you find a good model, so you can sew it again and again in different fabrics and change at small design details, and on the way quite easily sew himself a lot of skirts with super fit.

Important Elements in a Good Fit

In order to get a good fit, there are 3 things that are particularly important during the sewing


  1. before you cut the fabric, so that control goal pattern and make sure that you SEW in the right size.
  2. Try the vehicle and adjust along the way. If you are highly in doubt with a new pattern, so use the time to sew a test model in a residue or in rule on (unbleached canvas). The time you spend on it, can prove to be well-spent in the end, when you do not have to pick up or even discarding a piece of clothing, because it needs changes, you can not change once the fabric is cut.
  3. Sea track of your sewing techniques, so you get correct, set the zipper incision sewn properly in and stitched details right. It can be seen in the final result, and will contribute to the overall perception of whether the vehicle is a good fit or not.

Customizing Under Way in Syprocessen

When you align your skirts, so remember that you are not locked by your seams. It’s easy to sew in or out of the side seams, but it is rarely there, there is a need for all tilretningerne. In the vast majority of cases there is a need for adaptation in the context of the hip bone, stomach and buttocks, and the type of adjustments must be made in the pattern paper. Did you first cut the fabric, there is not so much to do.

In the first issue of Sysiden, we show how to align the pattern to a shape with pot belly (IE. most women who have given birth to children). And we show no less than 5 design changes to our basic skirt pattern. So there is a good chance to achieve a good fit with our base A-shaped skirt.