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Shoulder-Free Blouse By American Vintage

Just recently I had dealt with the topic of trend, and that I ü40 yes really no longer everything must participate and certainly not want.

Compulsive to participate in every trend, seems more desperate to me from a certain age… On holiday, I can really observe this phenomenon really well. In some people I feel that they have left their good taste at home or maybe it falls into the category “On vacation I do not know anyone, I dare.”

Holiday Souvenirs

This feeling I know also… however my last vacation shopping was already a while ago…. In the meantime, I learned that the Turkish balancing costume just looks good in Turkey and is not really mine… O:-) Sure, a nice holiday memory would be, but frankly, I prefer to invest my money today in a massage or pedicure-even if the pleasure is only of short duration. I do not have a bad conscience at home, because there is still a country-specific piece of clothing lying around in me. Should I start in Germany then somehow with belly dance, I will surely find online matching costume for it. However, my belly dance shares are not very good anyway. Here in the hotel I have tried it with Zumba… and I swear to you, you had really had something to laugh… My hip swing definitely leaves something to be desired and I now know why I prefer dancing in dark clubs. O:-)

Tooth Of Time

But it is also a fact that I would like to participate in a trend, because I like it really well-but I have to understand that the tooth of time does not stop even in front of an A-basket… A funny metaphor, That on my “Tooth of Time” two toothless beings had a not insignificant share. But what am I talking about? From Bandeau tops… I find it quite beautiful-also Bandeau bikinis… terrific. However only on young, slim women. As soon as the bosom is just too big, or the attitude is no longer straight or a prosperity shows-then a bandeau top does not look good any more. So in my opinion… and here on the beach there was again some Bandau bikinis to admire-however, more about women-women… and clearly, everyone should wear what he wants. I’m not from the fashion police-but nice, is in my opinion something else. For my part, I was delighted that the “chest strap” was replaced by shoulder freedom this season. In contrast to the bandeau one has there namely the arms in it stuck and therefore it acts overall a bit tidier. In addition, my slender shoulder part then has finally an advantage and the rest does not remind a shoulder-free horror, I wear a strapless bra underneath….

Shoulder-Free Blouse By American Vintage

However, this is again two-edged-most beautifully looks a shoulder-blouse blouse namely to Carmen from… Unfortunately I could not find anything about the namesake-but this section goes back to the traditional costume of Spain and I imagine Carmen a hot-blooded flamenco dancer, With lush hips, a very feminine figure and small breasts. So up to the last, actually nothing for me… but it always depends on the interpretation and my shoulder-blouse blouse from American Vintage would not even fit to a hot-blooded Carmen, but it fits sensationally to my second open Look… Still without a festival, I would certainly go to a flamenco or belly dance evening. O:-) But now I enjoy my last holiday day, grab our seven se seventy seventy things and keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow we will land in Munich as planned… and it would be a pleasure for me to push you, I guarantee for nothing more… and certainly not for my Contenance…. O :-) Enjoy your Sunday love all…

PS: Texterella wrote a fabulous column about the “Naked Innocence”….

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