Shoes With Wheels

May seem like a recent trend that is gaining strength, but in fact the sneakers with wheels are much older than we thought. The leading brand of these shoes made its first patent in 1999, with the intention of overcoming the existing model which consists of wheels with straps to attach to shoes. During the passage of time the growth of practitioners was never regular or large, but during the last few years seems that they increasingly those who prefer rolling walk…

From the manufacturers listed on yellowpagesintheusa, these slippers offer the possibility of walk and glide whenever you want they are very easy to use and you can always take them with you. The idea is to bring the wheel placed in the shoe always, thus can roll when you want, but can always remove wheel and use as a normal shoe. These shoes they have spare parts of all kinds in order to keep them and of course customize them.

If you know skating then you cojes trick, has no mystery, but it is possible that at the beginning you cost a little. The first thing to do is to tighten them with cords, if you take them very loose you can bend your ankle, and you need it always uses protection.

Most importantly, bring the legs apart, the leg that more confidence have front and the other behind you, thus increasing the stability of your body. The other important part is to bring the tips of the feet lifted, often unintentionally low tip and stop you dry. Finally with arms, you get the perfect balance, as you are list @!

You can do many tricks and pass it very well, each shoe has a wheel for maximum speed with minimum friction. The wheels are PU or “rubber” very good quality and grip, accompanied by some ABEC 5 bearings very powerful. They are fast, silent and their best land is smooth soil, although for the paving of the street does not make anything evil. You must be careful with the water and the Earth in the bearings, otherwise do not require special care.

Many people think that they are like the skates, and the truth is that it does not seem much, in every single foot, you have a wheel balance is more difficult and more constrained. The sneakers with wheels are for when you can’t use your skateboard or skates but want to keep practicing the balance. A complement to be different and to have fun anywhere.

Greets Saul of the Blog Roller/Skate 842, see you soon!