Share 5 Tips to Underwear For the Wedding to Lingerie – “Yes”

The most important day in your life, you want to shine and bedazzle your groom. You manage the easiest way, if you are completely comfortable. Precisely also lingerie play a vital role in your outfit. Ideally, the lingerie for the wedding has two functions:it is functional and seductive. We tell you our 5 tips, what to look for, so these functions fulfill your Bridal lingerie.

Buy Tip 1: lingerie to the wedding dress

Buy wedding clothes always fit the bride dress – both the color and the cut of the bra and panties should be tailored to the dress. Therefore only the underwear, select if you chose for your wedding dress. In particular the BRA must correspond to the upper part.

In other words: strapless model bandeau – and sweetheart, Halter dress, Halter bra Balconette bra to the wedding dress Empire style with small lace sleeves. As for the slip, so you can wear under wide skirts, what you like. In Figure-hugging clothes that are snug on bottom and thighs, you should choose however, seamless models. Because including the edges of a normal briefs can emerge.

The color here, BRA and panties should be not too dark because they otherwise through shimmer through the white dress. White or cream-coloured wedding underwear according to dress color and flesh-coloured models are perfect.

Tip 2: fit and comfort must be

You wear the underwear on your wedding day. Fit and comfort are therefore particularly important. When the purchase that the BRA fits properly. This ensures comfort to the one, on the other hand, the BRA to fulfill so its supporting and shaping function. Underband must form a horizontal line on the back, the carrier should not cut in the shoulders and the chest must fit completely in the basket. Make also sure that the BRA Underwires in the armpit press, but lies flat on the body. Many brides think at bridal lingerie to first of all on a corsage. Because this is sexy, forming the figure. But it is very stiff and can press over the course of the day, also you sweat on warm days including very easily. In many wedding dresses tops already shaping rods are incorporated, so that a corset is not usually necessary. Ideally you try on together wash and dress before the big day, to ensure that nothing stands out, no sticks or bra straps out peeps. In time, plan the fitting. If necessary, the seamstress in the bridal shop can perform small changes on the lingerie to put such as, for example, the carrier.

Tip extra underwear for the wedding night 3:

On the day, the bridal lingerie must be primarily functional and comfortable. You should seduce, however, at night. Why not just treat yourself to extra lingerie for your wedding night? Then you can choose for daytime comfortable models of soft nylon, Lycra or nylon that shape your figure and not bear up under the dress, and at night elaborately finished lingerie. Linen lace or transparent tulle is very sexy. Or how about’s with a delicate satin negligee or a refined bodice? When the lingerie for your wedding night, everything is allowed what you like.

Tip put the legs in scene 4:

Hold up stockings or tights are another important part of lingerie for the wedding, and also they should be functional and seductive at the same time. On the day you have above all the function to keep the legs warm and to ensure, when the bride is wearing a short dress or ever her skirt for an even complexion. Figure-shaping models with reinforced bottom and thighs also model the figure – ideal for figure-hugging wedding dresses. But the question arises: what will it be? Hold up stockings or pantyhose? Pantyhose is that they warm up the hip and butt area and support. Stockings are erotic highlight – however, because they are considered embodiment of sensual eroticism. If you decide for the black version, combining style with a waist belt stockings and you are guaranteed to have the undivided attention of your husband’s.

Tip the Garter – customs & seductive detail 5:

With a garter belt, you hit two birds with one stone. It belongs to the most erotic garments and the traditional accessories of a bride. It is part of several traditions, including the dating back to Victorian times custom to wear “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” on the wedding day. The blue is usually the garter belt. It is the sweet secret of the bride during the wedding ceremony, wedding night, it has its big appearance then. It is to the sexy eye-catcher and draws the attention to your legs. If – as is customary after two other customs – in a group of single men throwing it, to find the next marriage candidates, or auction, let then return it himself. Thus the Garter to the memorabilia is for the best night of your life.