See Which Headset Is the Best Choice

In-ear models can be purchased for less than $ 200

Quality headphones with compact design are ideal for those who like to listen to music on a daily basis. The Urbeats, Beats by Dre (an Apple company) and Sennheiser’s CX 3.00 models are good for the user and promise a better sound than most other brands. For prices below R $ 200 it is possible to buy the earbuds, which are available in Brazil.

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TechTudo helps you choose the best model, taking into account similarities and differences and comparing aspects like design, sound quality, features, price and availability. Check out the comparative below and find out.

1. Design: Urbeats

Urbeats and CX 3.00 have a similar design. Both are rounded and compact in-ear models with cables measuring 1.2 m and easy to carry anywhere. In addition, the two devices come with in-ear plugs with four different sizes, which allows them to be adapted to different types of ear cavity.

The Beats model wins, however, by offering more color options. You can find it in more than six different versions including black, red, pink, white and violet. The Sennheiser device is available in black, white and red only. The Urbeats also offers a chrome finish while the competitor is made of metal-resembling material but does not seem to offer as much resistance.

2. Sound quality: Sennheiser CX 3.00

The two headphones promise to play music with high quality and well defined bass. Because they deliver intra-auricular design, they provide greater sound insulation than some models that are only on the surface of the ears.

But the CX 3.00 is the winner of this category. Although the Beats headset has a metal structure that can prevent unwanted vibrations and sounds, the manufacturer’s website does not provide detailed information on the product’s technical specifications. When you access Sennheiser’s website, however, the user discovers that the device has a frequency ranging from 17Hz – 21kHz and an impedance of 18 ohms, which is a good configuration for a handset of the category. Already the competitor has imprecise descriptions. In this way, the CX 3.00 offers more security of purchase.

3. Price and availability: Urbeats

Even though it is one of the most reputable earphones brands, the user can buy the two handsets for less than $ 200. Although the Beats handset has a suggested price of $ 599, Sennheiser suggests that the CX 3.00 be sold at $ 289 In practice, these prices are quite different and the Urbeats is a bit cheaper. In online retail stores, you can find the Apple model priced at around $ 130 and Sennheiser’s in the $ 160 range. The figures are not that different, but it’s possible to make a savings around R $ 30.

Also, it is easier to find the Urbeats and its various colors in different online stores. It is also interesting to take into account the technical assistance service that, in the case of Apple, is more common in Brazil than in the competitor.

4. Features: Urbeats

Despite being a bit cheaper, the Urbeats is more functional. The model follows the headset line, with built-in microphone, which allows you to answer calls without taking out the handset. The Remote Talk cable, with control buttons, allows you to switch tracks directly on the accessory, without having to touch the computer or cell phone.

An interesting feature of the two devices are cables made of flexible materials that promise to avoid knots and wires jammed during use or inside the backpack, which can increase the life of the devices.

5. Conclusion: Urbeats

Although the site of the manufacturer bring inaccurate information about the sound quality of Urbeats, the phone generally does not seem to be behind the competitor, bringing even extra features. Sennheiser’s CX 3.00 may even have good sound quality, but because it is a simple headset, it may not be able to justify the price of $ 160. The Apple phone is cheaper and still manages to offer more usability and variety To the client, presenting itself as a more preferred option.

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