Security for Fires in Camping

Lighting fires during camping trips can be fun, relaxing, but nowadays there are not many suitable sites for the practice. On YouTube I have seen a lot of people destroying the natural environment to do pioneering and campfires. This should not be the purpose of those who wait rescue hobbies of our parents and grandparents. Wood for campfires can and must be collected from the ground.

Eco-chatismo? Maybe. But it is a fact that the vegetation that I saw in my childhood is no longer the same as I see now. I don’t want to be responsible for destroying any piece of native vegetation, after all, use these spaces to enjoy myself.

Fires also should be avoided. The few fires that do, I use the images in many videos. I also have permission to this practice in the place where I’m picking up the images.

Never make campfires in preservation areas. The risk of fire is real, and can jeopardize not only nature, but the producer of the fire according to Foodezine.

As basic rules, you can surround the campfire area with good sized stones, but they are not always available. You can also make holes in the ground. If the site is flat and distant from the local vegetation, just away from the dried leaves and other materials of easy combustion and keep an eye on your work.

Before you leave, don’t forget to delete well the fire. I use water and even bury the ashes to make sure that the fire won’t start again by accident.

Finally, choose always stoves. They are more practical and safe!