Samsung Plans Theft Protection For Smartphones

Similar to how Apple, now Samsung will introduce a mechanism for remote deletion of Smartphone data. This service should be available in July. Recently, Apple presented its protection mechanism, it is able to remove the data of a Smartphone, that is, for example, lost about an online service completely and remote-controlled.

American Government agencies support the introduction of such a mechanism, because it could reduce the number of thefts of smartphones. He would reduce the probability in addition that foreigners can learn the identity of the owner of a Smartphone. A stolen unsecured Smartphone can be used to do about this, to send messages on behalf of the twist or exert various criminal acts: disseminate forbidden pornographic material or terrorist propaganda or to organize financial transactions.

With the scheduled remote access service providers – would also and with them also the police, intelligence agencies and other authorities – a direct access to the devices of the user. Especially in the context of the current PRISM scandal, this option seems plausible as a right.

PRISM monitoring system gradually revealing itself regulates the manner, as Internet service providers cooperate with US authorities to communicate suspected criminal activity of their customers. The exciting question in relation to the blocking of smartphones remotely on official command will be, how could change the relationship between users and providers.