Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Apparently With The Same Camera As Galaxy S6


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Apparently With The Same Camera As Galaxy S6-1

The “Plus” in the name of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus probably not the camera of the device shall be. It looks like the upgrade of Samsung’s latest top Smartphone Galaxy S6 will be edge with same camera module equipped as its namesake.

A corresponding supply of Smartphone cameras is documented in the Indian import-export database Zauba which is a Samsung device with the model designation SM-G928 to report know as SamMobile. This cipher so far with no officially available Samsung smartphone related brought occasions edge plus in conjunction with the anticipated Galaxy S6. The information on the camera correspond to where the module that is used in the current Galaxy S6 and its offshoot S6 edge.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Comes With One Of The Best Smartphone Cameras

Who has hoped that Samsung so in quick succession has applied the idea of his new camera sensor and the announcement of the next unpacked events for good reason, might be disappointed now. The Galaxy S6 edge plus has a new camera but also not really necessary, because the two current S6 flagships are in our list of the best camera smartphones on a strong third place.

The plus in the name of the Galaxy S6 edge plus should primarily of the size of the display and thus the device itself apply: the rumored it should grow to edge by 5.1 inches of regular S6 5.7 inch screen size. Otherwise the facilities is likely the same of the little brother – only in memory, it seems still a plus to give: from 3 to 4 GB RAM.