Samsung Galaxy S4 with Faster Transfer Rates

Samsung has said current plans that shortly after the start of the Galaxy S4, this model with the fast wireless standard LTE advanced 4 G to equip. The responsible head of Smartphone Division at Samsung, J. K. Shin, commented on the project told Reuters.

If Samsung wants to equip its flagship model Galaxy S4 with a higher standard of radio, this is associated with an increase in price. The Galaxy S4 manufacturers on future-oriented technologies. 4 G LTE advanced is supported though at the moment still hardly a mobile phone provider, the use of this technique means a new tab of the device anyway. Still, no other major competitors of Samsung has the LTE standard in this release of the program.

Highly optimized LTE technology

LTE advanced 4 G allows approximately twice as great transfer rates than conventional LTE. Samsung wants to sell the new model already in the current month on the South Korean market and at the same time negotiating with providers of other States about a possible technology support.

This step to an appreciation of the Galaxy S4 is possibly related to the current losses of the group. Many investors show concern whether Samsung is aiming for a more expensive model in the right direction. The sales figures of the Galaxy S4 may find Samsung but more than happy: the S4 will find more buyers than its predecessor Galaxy S3 – in this respect is Shin is optimistic with regard to the 4G-Aufwertung. The officer liked don’t call but concrete figures on the current paragraphs of the mobile radio Division at Samsung.

The expectation that will prevail the advanced standard in the next few years and be accepted as a common standard behind the LTE project. This requires that the participating companies invest in the networks and upgrade their techniques but. The new standard is not supported in Germany so far.