Samsung Galaxy Already Note Can Be Rooted [With Video]

If yesterday I talked to Paul Modaco has managed root the Galaxy Nexus even before its launch, today you have to talk that the new tabletofono of Samsung, the Galaxy Note, also has been rootedo by the community of users, when it has been on the market few days.

Many users still await the arrival of the terminal with the different operators, which will make it more affordable, and we already have a relatively simple way of obtaining root permissions in the Galaxy of Note. We even bring one video that will help you in the process if you dare.

To get it just you need a Samsung Galaxy Note fully charged, a microUSB cable and a PC with Windows, as well as some files that you should download. Then, you must follow the instructions while being very careful, which is necessary to understand and take into account risks and benefits involving the process of root terminal.

If you have the fortune to be possessors of a Galaxy Note, and you do not mind much losing the warranty, you know that it is possible to have full access to your terminal, so that we leave with the video tutorial If you want to take a look:

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