Samsung Circular Smartwatch 2016

Smart watches with more traditional round shapes are in vogue. The market monopoly in portable electronics last year so far, however, no such product in its catalog. These are giant Samsung, which maybe considered soon to correct this lack in the series Gear. Currently there is no official announcement of the manufacturer to develop such a widget, but rumors around the web informed that the new product is codenamed Orbis and will be presented to technological event MWC (March 2 to 5 in Barcelona). Summarize information from several sources, but the most detailed novelties found on the pages of specialized (for Samsung) portal SamMobile. Interesting image appeared on page patent organization WIPO.

The most interesting detail in future device should be rotating frame (bezel) of the hull, which by rotation and pressure will control different functions depending on the context. This basic management tool will allow acceptance and rejection (by pressing) of incoming calls divert to voicemail, send prepared messages, view notifications, scroll and select menus, control over the main applications (alarms, Find My Device, Weather, applications, music, etc.). It is contemplated and opening of API (and accordingly SDK) for developers, which will allow the use of a rotating frame (or ring) in external applications.

It is important to note that a similar approach to managing smartwatches we saw last year as development of the young scientist Laput Gierad.

The second interesting feature that assigns rumors about unannounced widget, e convenience of wireless charging. This feature was one of the most impressive features of the successful smart watch Moto 360. Previous proposals to Samsung not only offers wireless charging any standard, but most models even possessed irritating and uncomfortable plug-in that had to be placed gadgets to load. The analyzes suggest that Orbis will first smart watch of Samsung, offering wireless charging on a widespread standards.

Third rumor suggests that Orbis will have another unique feature that really would not be so unique because recently we saw at competitive Watch, Apple’s (there called Digital Crown). It is a multifunctional crown (rotating side button that traditional watches “rolled up” mechanism and sets the date and time). There are no more details about the operating principle of the crown (the above image not find this crown), but mentions that it manages functions such as browsing the menus, activate the S-voice, sending quick messages, etc.

The operating system of Orbis probably would again be “in-plant” Tizen. Unlike other products in the series Gear (without Gear Live with Android Wear), Orbis there will be opportunities for making calls (even via a connected phone). It will only alert for calls and offers the opportunity to answer or reject a call in the connected smartphone. The product number of the new widget should be the SM-R720. The position of the cost will probably be in the highest class, where now we find only Apple Watch.

Is Orbis will be the most attractive smart clock to Samsung so far? We’ll find out soon. No official announcement, but still expect the premiere of the flagship smartphone Samsung S6, whose perfect companion would be a smart round the clock.