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Rockabilly Hairstyle – Cute Curls with Hair Comb

Voila! A typical and original rockabilly hairstyle from the 50s: the hair is pinned up with a hair comb.

At that time short hair or high hair and curls were modern. It can be seen well on one of the icons of that time – Marilyn Monroe.

Just look and sees that this is a pimped ponytail. The hairstyle is quickly made, if you set the curls. You need a plug comb in hair color from the drugstore and a few Bobby pins for this also. With such a plug comb you can stick your hair without hair clips up right safe and easy.

Look here first for the basis of this hairstyle. You must place the Pincurls, otherwise you get the waves and curls not in the right places. Sorry, only the work, then the pleasure…

Rockabilly hairstyle – departments

Brush the hair well.

Front pull side parting.

Now back three departments make up the entire hair: the two sides right and left and the middle.

The center comprises at least half of the hair, the sides have slightly different much hair depending on where the side parting was drawn.

Rockabilly hairstyle – hair comb

Take out the middle of the hair back.

Insert the comb right against the direction of hair to the neck and firmly.

The Ridge must be bombproof because he keeps the whole hairdo.

Rockabilly hairstyle – ponytail

Now the right sides wrap up to the middle of the hair and invisible stuck.

Emphasize the waves on the side with a comb.

Then the left side panels wrap around the middle of the hair and invisible stuck.

Again emphasize the waves with a comb.

The hairstyle front with the comb something loosen up

Rockabilly hairstyle – stuck up

The end of the pony’s back slightly and look inward.

Ends invisibly stuck.

It is important that can be seen through from the side through the hair and the hair is beautiful volumig doctored.

The hairstyle is also supercute with a Fascinator or mini hat.

Isabelle incidentally wearing the cute sweater eye candy – blue with bows in the style of the 50s by rumble 59. Here you will find the sweater in this Prozipcodes Online Shop.

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