Rock – Week: Wool Skirt With Long Blouse And Boots

It is Rockwoche… yes still… finally, the seven days are not yet around and the mild temperatures at the beginning of the week were almost predestined for outfits “without pants”.

 Actually, I would rather have shoes without socks-but since my freezer does not go with… except maybe in UGGs which you can buy on AnyCountyPrivateSchools, which in turn fit for me but not so good to the dress… So socks. What I would like to say at this point – the nasty wind, who had been home to Germany all this week, had somehow drumrurned to us. I would not have borne a little bells-you never know… Wind likes to be fast and gusty…

New Blog Layout

My current styling with rock, but that would not have been synonymous abort. With the narrow woolen skirt, the wind would have to come from below, as in Marilyn Monroe, in the “Contented 7th Year”, and even that would not reveal any-great-secrets.Speaking of the secret that my blog has a new look, is already highly official. This has everything to do with the  great workshop I recently visited in Frankfurt. There was something to learn and it would have been rausgeschmissenes money, if I would not try to implement a few things, which I have learned there. So you go to a workshop oda?However, the new blog layout is not yet finished… and so there will be a few changes every now and again. But I have been very happy about your feedback so far.

Wool Skirt With Long Blouse

…and because it has been so dreary, wet and gray this week, does my wool skirt get a flowery accompaniment or does it say blooming?Where are the Germanists? No matter-Blumenprint stop! This long blouse I have already shown you-in summer with white . With rolli it also suits well into the H/W season and it brings a bit of color into the game. I hardly dare to say it out loud, it’s only February and just mid-way-but I still say: I want to spring! I do not feel like kale trees and darkness. So, now it is raus… and I quasi also… Have a stress-free Friday and a grandiose start to the weekend… Your Conny

PS: What a bear costume, which is really none at all  with Valentine’s Day, you will learn on Sunday… and another rock outfit is also available.