Review of Makeup Remover

Hi guys, all right!?

Last month the Marina of 2beauty launched a cosmetics line in partnership with Sephora. One of the products is this makeup remover cream with Argan oil. I think it’s different and I was curious to try it out. How had a promotion on the website of Sephora, 15% discount on all purchases, I tried to buy, without conscience, to test! RS

It costs 26 reais, a price until well friend, and left me by 22.10. The packaging is cute, a little pot small and sturdy. And has a plastic cap inside to help seal the product. Is a white cream pretty consistent and with a soft, lightweight, smell of cinnamon (cinnamon for me lol). No full characteristic of argan oil, but he has enough oil in composition and is very hydrating. When we spread the skin looks good shiny and “luscious”.

I did two tests to see the “power” of him. At first I applied some products in the arm and taken off with makeup remover.

And the second test, was using a make complete in the eyes. I used the pencil of Nature and touch the two masks from the first test, to view in “practice” If you leave everything:

In two tests followed the instructions that came in the package: get a little bit of product, rub and remove with a cotton.

Conclusion and My Opinion:

The price is the amount of product is ok (it is small but it pays well), has no smell (doesn’t bother allergy sufferers!! lol), it’s very “gentle” with the sensitive skin of the eyes (you know when you have to scrub a lot to get the make and start burning!? So, I don’t get that!) and removes waterproof products without making too much effort! A beauty!! Read more here at for how to select a makeup remover.

I just thought you sinned in 2 points: on the package, I didn’t think it one of the most practical (every time I went to put the plastic cap some product come out and do that snot lol); and, the product to be very oily, it actually is very moisturizing and this is one of the factors that help to not irritate the eye area, but even removing with cotton, washing the face and astringent, felt it is a residue of the oil on the eyelashes.

Anyway, I really liked it, I think it fulfills its function and I will continue to use …but it wasn’t that passion rapturous. RS

Someone was curious to test the makeup remover or tested?