Review: Blue Portable Toilet Camping

The portable sanitation is one of the most useful items of family camping. The victim of prejudice on the part of many campers who do not know him, can bring a huge comfort for the family, children and hygiene control even in residential use to assist elderly or people temporarily ill. The Blue Camping valuing the know-how of MaCamp to promote camping in your template for our analysis sent. Our team uses a portable toilet in almost all the camps of both how much trailer tent.

The Blue portable Camping toilet has the fundamental configuration of a laptop: two volumes United by a canal with valve of type “drawer”. The tank bottom is called “holding tank” and is responsible for making the space for a short time handled by a bactericidal product. The toilet sent by the company has followed a bottle. He is hermetically sealed and isolated. The tank top has the sanitary basin and in your back there is the container of clean water discharge. Our team that makes use of portable toilets permanently usually mix some scented disinfectant in the water, but we do not warrant that this is recommended and safe for the durability of the product. This upper module also has two boards, one seat and another to cover the toilet while it is idle according to CAMPINGTOPGEAR.

At the time of use just open the lid and pull the lever to open the gate. Please use normal physiological needs and at the end press the Accordion from dump enough to clean the basin excelling in Economics (not the water, but the toilet tank in order to require less waste during the camp. Close the lever and the Board.

Disposal and cleanup: at the time of disposal of the debris, loosen the two side tabs in order to highlight the top module. Make sure the door is closed properly and press the bottom tank through the carrying strap to a toilet or appropriate location. Desrosqueie the rear cover and pour the entire contents. If possible, use running water to one or two enxagues of the tank by shaking it until the total cleaning. Refill with the recommended dosing on the bactericidal product bottle and reassemble the upper module to the new use.

Circumstances: Our team makes use of portable toilets for many years in several renowned brands worldwide. The blue health camping was very well evaluated by their materials, operation and behaviour, despite having a format and design very simple and primitive. Your plastic is very strict and their connections too well resolved. The gate presented 100% efficient seal, rear cover also stopped and their 20 liter capacity meet very well the family so that you don’t have to discard so often. The seat height also makes similar to the vessel accommodation thanks to maximum capacity of reservation. In our case that time impeded the collection of the vessel in the niche reserved for him at the Karmann Ghia model 330 trailer, but rare case and whose specific mention if makes valid only for those who have. The disposition process became totally satisfactory very easily direct opening via screw cap and emptying fast. The total upper valve tightness ensured that the debris does not vazassem during transport which was well effected through the handle with great “catch”. The tabs work perfectly and help drive the tanks for the next use.

Measurements: the toilet has 36.1 cm, width 41 cm and 42 cm depth of total height. Your weight measured in our scale was 4, 690kg completely empty both of debris as clean water. The manufacturer establishes around 50 discharges with clean water tank full

Some tips: time of compulsory disposal of waste are usually specified by bactericidal product through your label, but as it’s something personal, you can evaluate when using this need. Don’t forget that the storage capacity of 20 Liters guarantees a good time, but results in weight at the time of the disposition. Full, will result in around 20 kg to be loaded to the nearest toilet. Many campers report that us just use the portable toilet for the “number 1” (pee), but we guarantee that your usage can be complete without any risk of odours or other concerns.

Some constructive criticism are due to the lack of a breather tank tube of debris that causes the clean water deposited on the valve splash at the time of your opening. We always care to open it only when the toilet lid is closed. The accordion also discharge seemed somewhat fragile, but until now fully functioning.

Answering some questions and questions of the campers about the product, we’ve listed some points:

  • The frequency of cleaning the box to reach the maximum level will depend on the number of people in the family and the amount of use. In our case, a couple camped virtually all day at the campsite, filled box after 4 days of use, but that period could be extended to 7 if we spent all day walking.
  • The comfort when sitting is very similar to a common pot. 20 l model is even a little bit higher and contrary to popular belief the toilet does not tend to tipping.
  • The maximum allowable weight of the user is not specified by the manufacturer.
  • The deodorant product must be placed in the tank bottom (never better) of the pot before use, and can be added if necessary. As some brands have a very strong blue dye, it’s better to be applied by the drainage system cover. In some cases it may stain the bowl.
  • Prices on the date of this article were 495.00 R$ the toilet R$ 15.00 and the product bottle. For current pricing, please visit the official link of the Blue Camping.

* Product by manufacturer BLUE CAMPING for evaluations and analyses MaCamp.