Reusable Wallpaper: How It Works

Apply wallpaper is almost synonymous with headache. In addition to labor intensive, requires close attention to detail at the time of installation. However, the end result can be extraordinary. And what can collaborate for a mega shift in your House is a reusable model developed by a u.s. company that offers an abundance of art, photos or illustrations that can be adhered to the wall.

Reusable wallpaper

Nowadays, designers have the choice to turn personal photos, fine art prints, pictures and natural scenes in wallpaper. There are no limits in size and the illustrations can be applied to cabinets, closets and other spaces empty.

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These wallpapers are self-adhesive and reusable. Printed on a high quality texture, the pros are enjoying for residential and commercial use, indoor and outdoor projects. Check out some of the models below:

How it works

Although applying the role seems a difficult task, the procedure is quite simple. First you need to wash the walls. Most wallpaper manufacturers advise that you use trisodium phosphate-based detergents. Remove all the sockets and all electrical switches.

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Fill in all the holes and uneven stains the walls using a plastic mass specifically for this purpose. After it dries, sand the wall to remove the excesses of mass. Apply a base and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

If the wallpaper does not come with pre-applied adhesive, prepare as directed warned the store of building materials. After preparing her pass the glue on the back of the paper using a brush. Then on the paper into three parts so that the side with the glue if touched. Leave the paper this way for three minutes.

So unfold the first piece of paper with a sponge or a scraper put it on the wall, next to the plumb line. Use a razor blade to remove the excess.

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When you’re done, you can employ a roll of edges to reduce apparent projections which have been on the joints of the wallpaper.