Ready-To-Wear Collection Spring-Summer Dior

The last Thursday, the firm Christian Dior He presented in his showroom in the Plza. independence from Madrid, the first collection of ready-to-wear designed by brand and brand new artistic director. Merci Audrey!

RAF Simons seems absolutely determined to boldly address the issue of the femininity, Of Movement and of the luminosity entering the twenty-first century without looking through the rear-view mirror.

The first thing we were taught was one jacket structured, it met at the waist by means of an impeccable tailoring. This jacket, known among the connaisseurs as Bar, You can take it with mini skirts pleated o shorts, and also lends itself to numerous transformations.

For accesorizarla, nothing better than a simple and elegant “noeud” (knot) – that quite resembles the plastron that they used to use our grandparents when they dressed the morning suit – black or red. But the most important transformation is that of the jacket in a Mini dress where the aprons become flared to free movement, and who may be alone or with pants.

The new collection is a Oda the body female. The designer seems to have taken care to the organza encañonada with tulle, but giving it a touch Lurex brilliant, moving, does shine a huge Mackintosh roses, designed from a sectioned cabbage. A way of combining and subtracting sobriety on the cold and tight skin on the top of these dresses. Fing the best dress on Fun-Wiki.

We also saw it decline over one trajecito in the form of A, He went out one applique halfway between a sides wings Butterfly and a squid.

The most fun of the collection were a dresses of cocktail made in coloured fabrics ácidos e iridescent that they remembered the role of cellophane, and whose brightness provide one aspect more modern and contemporary to its sophisticated volumes arranged in layers overlapping.

The new slogan seems to be the search for a real air of freedom able to break with the past and, to succeed, must be all the legs to the air. One of the strengths of the new summer season will be the famous “petite robe noire” declined from ten different ways. Sensual y elegant, These monochrome garments are decorated with a sophisticated trimmings made of flakes metal Super colorful able to go gaining the form of little flowers, butterflies y anemones, made in bright shades to give them of touch more modern and sophisticated.

Although this season colors fluo they are still cutting edge, there are a little more discreet than in previous seasons. RAF Simons has used them in their new “doublures” -new sign of identity of the maison-, imposing a neon yellow on its entire collection. A subtle way to take advantage of the classic color of Post-it. Would have you noticed that the? charms hanging bag already are not metallic but that are upholstered in the same skin What bag? Question of loop the loop!

What is no doubt any is that with this ready-to-wear spring-summer 2013 Dior collection, RAF Simons seems to have wanted to move from grandiose fantasies of John Galliano, recovering the solid bases that make up the DNA of the firm Christian Dior.