RAF Simons and Fred Perry, Spring-Summer

Without a doubt one of the collections most eagerly awaited by fans of the classic laurels in the fashion market. Fred Perry, as it has become usual, collaborating again with RAF Simons where is your collection Spring-summer 2010 more sophisticated and stylized so far.

We talked about the importance that today in day that marks renewed and give a twist to your designs and if there is a brand that has always managed to remain in the past, with large number of followers for this reason (among which I am) and without renouncing to elegance, that has been Fred Perry. As well, to this season again full of color, daring designs and sections that, brand, less that are novel.

Poles can be found in varied colors, ranging from the most striking shades, up to the colors neonizados and commitment not only to draw attention to them, but also to mix them, without attending to the colour palette of the primary. Striking mixtures which are accentuated by the presence of very closed collars…

…or the use of innovative materials that we have not seen so far in the firm on theDressWizard.com. T-shirts, Polos, jackets and cardigans give shape to this collection that, for fans of both firms, insurance that does not leave unmoved. I leave you with the rest of the pictures in the collection, to enjoy them.

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