Purpose For 2010, I’m Going To Take Care Of The Chest

Well as I told you in the previous post about purposes for 2010 (this was to take care of the hair), today I’ll tell you about another equally important purpose, I’m going to take care of the chest.

The chest lacks a natural support that keeps it firm and erect. It has no muscles and, to counteract the law of gravity, only has the weak hold of the skin. If we add the weight of the breast itself (here genes are often inherited), diets that we have done throughout our lives or otherwise have cojidocaught several kilos quickly chest goes seriously injured.

Muscles. The mammary glands settle on these muscles, but do not hold them for anything, but if you strengthen them they will help the sagging not be so fast and help to improve their firmness. Sports like swimming or weights will help you in this initiative.

You have to keep in mind that if you pass in these sports and you have little chest you may not like the result since the chest is quite masculine afterwards.

Basic care. Working seated can not be borne if we do not always keep our backs upright. You also have to take care when we are or we stand very much standing since theshoulders and the head also have to be in a good posture. It is usual to rest my back with a hump and I assure you that it is not good.

Tightening creams, cold water showers and circular massages will help you to be careful with these extra aids.

Gymnastics. If every day we perform at home exercises we can improve our chest a lot, it will not be sport in itself but they are designed for the most vague ones when it comes to catching weight or going to the swimming pools.

Raise the arms towards the front, bend them with each hand holding the opposite forearm and make force towards the elbows. In the same posture, join hands to pray and push one palm against the other. Repeat each exercise a minimum of 20 times.

You never have to leave aside the use of the bra , it does not matter if you do not wear it when you are at home or wear a racket, your chest if you notice it and in the long run you will have consequences. A time of special care is when you are pregnant, the breast grows considerably and you will need a special one that will support the new breast of the breast.

One fault that we usually have a lot of us is to start doing gymnastics if we have bought the perfect support for it, in these cases doing aerobic or going for a run is extremely harmful to the skin of the chest. In sports stores there are special fasteners for these cases, with full support and without seams to not intervene in the exercises.