Pulloverwoche: How Do I Wear Roll Neck?

Today I start times with ne grandiose news for you…. It’s Friday… Haha… no, this is of course not the grandiose news-but you have to read almost nothing today.

Well, what do you say? Is not that great. I, who tends to provide you with ellenlangen texts, To sweeten your day, take a short look, and let the pictures speak. As promised, it is also today a “pullovrige” new entry-this time by Zara♥. I like pullovers just… and just when it is cold outside, nothing goes over a sweater with roll neck. Then you are actually perfectly suited for any outdoor activity. I just do not mind the Christmas market. There you can also stay longer, sausages (I have already said that I love bratwurstsemmeln) and the colorful activity. Okay-really really cold days we had still not at all… 16 degrees and sun is not really wintry… But on the Fototag I really blown a zapfiger wind around the nose… easy to recognize the “Zitterbibber-Pose”…. And it is supposed to be colder again. I fear the winter will come… quite definitely and then a roll collar is genuin ne good choice. However, I always have something to bear, because hardly I enter a heated room, I tear myself the rolli already from the body. This is really the disadvantage of the things. For an indoor event they are completely unsuitable…

Sweater Week: How To Wear A Polo-Neck Jumper?

Today I want to start with terrific news for you… it is Friday… ha ha… no, of course that ‘s not the terrific news. So, what do you say? Is not that great? I, who tend to steal your time sweeten your day with incredibly long texts. As promised, today is a new member of the sweater family – this time from Zara *. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can always make your own custom sweatshirts and hoodies. Then you ‘re really suitable dressed for every outdoor activity. I’ll just say the word Christmas market. That’s a place you can spend some time eating sausages in rolls (did I ever mention that I love sausages in rolls?) And observing the hustle and bustle. Okay, we have not had any real cold days as of yet … 16 degrees and sunshine is not really wintery but on the day we took these photos there was an icy wind …. That’s hard to recognize my shivering pose.  And it should be very cold again. I’m so happy to be a polo-neck sweater. But I always have a lot of fun with it. I have a lot of fun with it. For an indoor event they are most unsuitable …

Walk In The Morning

So hush, go out with you … off into the cold … Oh, and so that is not quite so bad, my daughter and I were on the day of St. Nicholas got up very early and greeted the sun. Neee – I do not mean this yoga figure … We took a walk and brought you some great pictures … and I wish you a stress-free Friday and a great start to the 3rd Advent weekend.

A Walk In The Morning

So shoo, shoo…. Out you go into the cold… oh and did so it will not be too bad my daughter and I got up really early on December 6 thand saluted the sun. Nooo…. I do not mean the yoga pose…. I’ve been there for a couple of years, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

Trousers: All Saints-unaffected and “straight” is this Skinny by Hallhuber* and the  narrow jeans by Only * has such a great blue.
Blouse: Marc O’Polo-no lightblue blouse, but a casual, flowing jeansshirt I found with Opus*and a great, bright blue blouse I found at MATHGENERAL.com*.
Pullover: Zara-a cozy roll-neck sweater for the cold days of Rich & Royal *, unfortunately only in size L and the cuddly rolli Blond No.8* I find simply soooo casual.
Parka: PepeJeans-with my you can take out the inner part and wear it well in spring or autumn and that goes with the chic jacket of MYMO * also.
Shoes: Kennel & Schmenger-my shoes are from my trip to the ShoppingOutlet Zweibrücken♥ and these ankle boots have fringes* and are also great.
Bag: Speedy40
* the nail polish and the foundation are both affiliatelinks+♥ no affiliatelink