Preparing For The Heat Of High Summer: Shirts

It’s not because it’s hot that you will give up one of the most important items of the male wardrobe: the shirt. Even during the summer it can be used both in formal environments, as in social occasions that don’t require as much pomp, but they deserve a certain elegance. In moments of leisure is no different, after all, nothing like a nice shirt to give a “up” that look simple and comfortable.


Among the various tissues that can be used for making a shirt, but the most suitable for high temperatures are always made with 100% natural fibres such as linen (pictured above) or the tricoline, the first knead easily, but it’s good looks for the beach, where informal characteristics give it a special charm, the second, much used in Pottery Barn male social , can have different wires, including Egyptian cotton that is expensive, but has a touch, freshness and incomparable comfort.

Who lives in very hot places, such as the North and northeast of Brazil, should avoid jeans shirts and replace them by made in chambray (pictured above). The fabric has the appearance similar to denim, but is much lighter and comfortable, generating good combinations with shorts, Twill pants and even combos more aligned with tailoring.

Another good option is the gauze (pictured above), that material made in cotton, but with a more open and consequently more airy, a favorite of those who live in cities.


Needless to say, the white summer reigns, there is not a more suitable color for the season than the one that reflects all light, so it heats up a lot less, but not everyone will want to spend 3 months dress as a father-of-Saint, opting for some colorful pieces. In this case, the dark tones like purple, olive and wine are less indicated, vibrant and bright as light green, yellow, magenta, coral and its variations in pastel colors, i.e. more washed, are more suitable for the weather.

The neutral (Beige, Navy, ash) are still part of everyday life, with the exception of black, obviously, because it has the opposite effect to white, heating up too much.

3-Prints And Patterns

Chess with man is without doubt the vichy, be it in size larger or smaller, but the madras, mainly in shades reminiscent of their Indian roots, such as magenta and yellow, also fits well this time of year.

Another hit this year are the shirts with ombrê effect or dip dye: washed out half down or vice versa they result in a visually interesting, but it is good to remember that the ideal is to spend a little with these parts, if they become dated next year they will not be great prejudice if forgotten in the closet.

The shirts also has another peculiarity which are maquinetados tissues, whose pattern appears in the very fabric in a texture that can be felt by touch. These fabrics are also called false flat and has a visual effect much like the herringbone pattern that can only be realized if watched closely.

After your success in early 2000, the stripes are back with all this summer, and, as expected, the shirts are a destination for them, whether to a greater or lesser thickness, they are present in collections of virtually all brands.

4-Modeling, Sleeves And Details

The first discussion that emerges here is about the long sleeve versus short sleeve. Well, who reads the Male Channel already knows I’m always in favor of long sleeve, to be more versatile, but this year she is also better listed by brands that are investing much more in it than in the models in short sleeves. If we take into account the investment item she takes advantage, and can be used all year round, even in places where it’s cold.

As the details and trim, the ideal is to keep it simple, with more clean look possible, shirts with many badges, embroidered, handles, logos and prints definitely don’t match a visual light and stripped of summer, even can scroll one detail or another, but all very discreet. Already the trim continues more adjusted for shirts with urban destination, on the beach comfort speaks louder and the wider cut and airy becomes perfect for the look “relax”.

5-Where To Use

With tie serves to work without it and with a folded sleeves is totally casual.

The shirt is the kind of clothes well accepted everywhere, but, as said above, prefer the most loose for moments of leisure and healthy specimens in tailoring for work or occasions where elegance is the basic requirement or there is a certain degree of formality in the environment.