Prenatal VIP Club

VIP Club Card: 12 months of prenatal maternity newborn and child shopping at super cheap prices. On all clothing and not only…

Prenatal VIP Club

Shop for items on sale is not easy, not for kids: the temptation of hoarding for the next season is always strong–at least in my case–but, often, we end up with both heads pretty much new that don’t go over well… to me it’s already happened several times. So instead of saving, you spend unnecessarily. Always assuming you manage to find the right size, of course

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy at discounted prices in the current season? I would say so: thought about designing the new Prenatal Prenatal Vip Club Card.

Prenatal Vip Club Card: how it works

Get Prenatal Vip Club Card is really simple: just go to one of the outlets Prenatal, ask at the ticket booth and sign it. Can be used immediately. It costs 30 euros and is valid for 12 months.
Already with the first purchases you can amortize the membership fee and continue to enjoy the discounts until it expires.

The Card gives, therefore, entitled to a full year of maternity newborn, baby, child and shopping at great prices. In addition to clothing, footwear and underwear discounts are valid. Then, can be purchased at discounted prices even body and sleep suits for babies and toddlers and pre and post natal underwear for new moms.

Prenatal Vip Club Bag

To present the Prenatal Vip Card and its advantages to , Prenatal organized an event as always fun and above all creative! The beauty of events by Prenatal is that they are always anything but trivial  this time, we ventured into a goal far from simple (at least for me).
I found the photo of my baby printed on a special fabric Shopping Bag, to customize creatively with the help of Illustrator Costanza Favero.
Abstract: the bag was really beautiful and my greatest fear, frankly, was to ruin it, clumsy as they are.

I must also confess that it was the first time i used the fabric colors and I didn’t have a clue of the surrender and use. Luckily, Costanza remained close by, each if the contending for advice or to ask you to make up for some kind of trouble (like me). Eventually, however, this is the result:

It won’t be perfect but it sure is unique and most importantly to my daughter absolutely loved it!

Autumn-winter 2016 Prénatal

Finally, a nice shopping session chasing the perfect outfits for Clara. After a moment of loss (I was heading sent to the collection for children from 3 to 36 months, forgetting for a moment that has now made 3 years!), I discovered a collection as always to the convenience and the convenience. With matching pieces perfectly trouble-free, natural fabrics and mixable and easily washable. Regarding colours, ranging from classic to trendy blue mottled gray, without forgetting the most beloved characters of the cartoon. This time I did try too and I picked something that I knew that my baby would have appreciated. But I’ll tell you in the next post …

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