Pregnancy Clothing: Bamboo line of My Sanity

We know how important a comfortable and cool clothing during pregnancy, in the early days after birth and during breast-feeding. To respond to the needs of women, Mysanity, a leading intimate apparel for mothers offers an unmissable new: the Bamboo line.

Pregnancy Clothing Bamboo line of My Sanity 1

Tank tops, briefs, bras and T-shirts products entirely produced with bamboo fiber by ewenzhou. The fiber comes from bamboo marrow and is characterized by excellent permeability, by a comfortable feeling of softness and a high ease of dyeing.

Pregnancy Clothing Bamboo line of My Sanity 2

For style conscious mothers to the environment should be emphasized that this is a natural fiber ” Eco-Friendly” because the bamboo which is obtained is grown naturally without fertilizers and pesticides, while respecting the environment.

Pregnancy Clothing Bamboo line of My Sanity 3

Maximum security so given that in the processing of bamboo fiber non-chemical additives are used and all production processes are non-polluting to the environment and all products made are biodegradable. All pieces in the collection provide comfort, lightness and maximum convenience: fundamental qualities for a woman is pregnant and new mothers who breastfeed their child.for further information: MySanity.