Pocket Watches – Almost Forgotten Timepieces

Pocket watches are something special – that’s fixed! They like to remind us of past times, which our grandparents and great-grandparents used to tell in their stories. The pocket watch is usually worn on a chain in a jacket or trouser pocket. The ladies often even wore them around the neck or around the waist. For a number of years now, they have enjoyed a great popularity and are considered a very noble and special gift.

In the years around 1500, the pocket watches were very similar to a can, so that they were called a can clock. Until then, they often had only one hour. Over the years however more modern forms of the now known pocket watch form were developed, so the watches could also be equipped with a minute hand. In order to protect the dial and the glass, many pocket watches have an attached jump cover called Savonnette, which can be folded up and closed quickly. This often has an extravagant and impressive design and thus creates a mysterious nostalgia. The pocket watches without covers are called Lepine.

The artful and high-quality watches have been and still are manufactured in loving and laborious small work so that they are also worn as a piece of jewelery. They used to be a symbol of wealth and nobility that only the most affluent citizens could afford. Today you can get very cheap and nevertheless nicely processed pocket watches of the most different brands.Tissot and Dugena show great traditional models, which make the heart of every watch lover beat faster.

A pocket watch is also always a beautiful and original gift idea for a dear person. Above all to a special event such as a birthday, an anniversary or the existence of the Abitur and examination. If you add an individual engraving as a highlight, the watch gets a very personal touch.