Plus Size Mini Collections

Plus size fashion days in Hamburg, they are always good for a fashionable surprise. A capsule collection celebrated its premiere there!

Fashion becomes exciting when two creative minds together to do and dare an experiment. The two? Katja Heidrich, fashion designer and founder of mable and Tanja Marfo, plus size activist and initiator are the plus size fashion days in Hamburg.

“As Tanya and I are so different, we’ve combined just our contrariety. The parts in a clear design were made in two different materials, so we both of us can see in the designs. Also the print is created in this way. The watercolor-print is supported by a pattern of geometric lines. This is used for example also in the coat as Chuck, all three parts to connect.”so Katja Heidrich.

On October 15, 2015, the exclusive three parts in the small district were most on the “fashion meets art” presented in Hamburg and officially on the big show on Saturday, 17 October, in the culture Church of Altona.

Plus Size Mini Collections

Tanya’s love of clean lines and mables fondness for material mix and individual cuts combine to create a line of great combinable and unique parts. Some pieces of the plus size swim dress are available on in the sizes 42-56. For the first time in “Action” collection at the final show was the plus size fashion days.