Photochromic Glasses And Other Types Of Lenses, Which One To Choose?

Photochromic Lenses And Other Types Of Lenses

In recent years we have witnessed the appearance of a wide variety of lenses for sunglasses, and such is the variety that we often do not know which lenses are most suitable for us and the type of activity that we are going to perform.

In this article we will review the main lenses that currently exist in the market and indicate what activities are the best option.

Types Of Lenses

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses are ideal for all those with a frenetic pace of life. These lenses adapt to each intensity of light without having to stop even a second in your day to day.

Photochromic lens goggles are sensitive to changes in light, darken as the intensity of the exterior light increases and clarify when it is less affected. This type of lens is advisable for clear eyes, for driving and for certain sports such as cycling.

The Oakley brand, a specialist in sports glasses, knows the importance of not losing a second in high performance sports, and that is why it has a photochromic lenses in its model Top Sales Oakley Jawbreaker OO9290 . This gafa allows a perfect adjustment to the light condition of each stage.

Mirrored Lenses

These lenses are the latest trend for this spring-summer, and also contribute to reduce glare to provide greater visual comfort and an enviable look.

Mirrored lenses are those lenses that carry a special treatment applied by an outer layer that causes the light to reflect on its surface, preventing it from reaching the eye. They are recommended to practice water sports, winter sports or situations where there is very bright light that can dazzle. Also it is a perfect look for any event, these lenses confer a touch of style surprising and genuine.

Within the mirror lenses, there are variants to which each brand of sunglasses gives it a name and specific characteristics.

Flash Lenses By Ray Ban

Flash lenses are the latest and most brilliant addition to the family of mirror lenses. The hybrid surface of these lenses provides a high gloss thanks to its multi-layer mirror treatment, plus greater visual comfort and a more contemporary look.

Lens Chromance by Ray Ban

The Chromance lenses calibrated light and allow the colors of all the days are bright, clear and extraordinary. The special six-layer anti-glare coating helps to maximize contrast, providing more detail in texture and contour. Chromance lenses also eliminate reflections and glare through polarizing filters, guaranteeing a view of the best quality.

Lenses Prizm By Oakley

Lenses patented by Oakley. These are totally opaque mirror lenses that equalize the colors, improve the sharpness and reveal shades that would go unnoticed without glasses.Accuracy, optimization and performance. Oakley sunglasses with PRIZM lenses have become an essential element of sports equipment. High technology for the most demanding sports.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses reduce the brightness of reflective surfaces, reducing glare and improving vision by producing a sharper, more contrasting image, while reducing visual fatigue, making them ideal for driving, sunbathing, and Go to the snow.

With polarized lenses, we recover a more natural and detailed vision, which results in greater safety at the wheel, eliminate annoying reflexes and gain vision and comfort.

Degraded Lenses

When we choose these types of lenses, we find that we are following the latest trends in fashion. Degraded lenses provide a smooth transition between two colors or tones of the same color, and generally the darker color is located at the top and the lighter color at the bottom. They are a sure bet of style to create surprising and exclusive looks. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, the most common being brown, gray or black gradients.

Degraded sunglasses are discouraged for the performance of sports, being a better choice as a non-sports fashion accessory.

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