Patent Shows What Can be the Microsoft Foldable Tablet

If a patent that emerged on the network recently ends up being confirmed in the future, we will have the chance to see Microsoft delivering to consumers a foldable tablet that may be accompanied by Windows 10 as an operating system.

As it is possible to observe in the images that we present in this news, apparently the idea is to offer to the users three possibilities of configuration: one in 360° indicating that it is totally open, one in 180° so that the apparatus works in half-open mode and another in 0° when the device is fully closed.

An interesting fact is that when the device is in the 180 ° variable it has only one user interface(besides having a slightly cleaner look and without any type of splice thanks to some magnets present in it), while In the other settings each screen shows its own interface.

It is also worth mentioning that the schemes suggest that it should be the size of a smartphone, something different from other devices with dimensions that leave them close to the proportions of a book.

Old idea?

Although such a patent has surfaced in the network only in recent times, there is a chance that this device has something to do with a device that was featured in a video released by Bill Gates’ company in 2009. Check it out(the idea appears in the brand Approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds)

It is worth remembering that patent registration does not necessarily mean that the product in question will actually hit the market, so it’s good to wait a little longer before celebrating.